Sunday, 27 January 2013

We made it......

we can all breathe a sigh of relief because youngest has been reunited with her heels and  bobby brown paraphernalia, hair products and a shedload of this really university I hear you say?.  A place to suck up all that knowledge, wear baggy jumpers, go bare faced  and drink pints in the student it heck.

We battled through the snow up the A1 to Sheffield and boy was there a lot of it there, albeit turning to slush in the midday sun....ruined my new suede boots...what a chuff for wearing them.

Unpacked, had a delicious brunch in a great restaurant called relish  and then back in the car for 3 hours. (animal farm dramatised on radio 4 provided the entertainment...excellent.)

Today finished this top and messed about with fabric and machine....perfect Sunday.

On Friday I went to the V & A in London to see the Hollywood costume exhibition.Boy was it packed and that was with timed tickets....I wasn't impressed with the layout of the exhibition....the first room was a bottleneck so it wasn't really possible to read all the blurb about the costumes without feeling you were holding everyone else up...I did witness one very unseemly argument and shove.....whats wrong with people!

The Monroe dress was there ..several Elizabeth I dresses, my favourite being the Bette I am a huge fan. Audrey  Hepburn's black number (seeing that made a woman cry!).... Kate Winslets opening striped number from Titanic.... Marlene Dietrich's falling in love outfit and a ton  more.

 the 'curtain dress from gone with the that bit

 and my fave was the waitress outfit from Mildred Pierce....the  Joan Crawford version.
I adore that film.(the Winslett  mini series doesnt  touch it) ....anyhow I cant suggest you go cos it finishes today. Would have been fabulous with a handful of people there though. 
Have a great week everyone.....and snow yeah!


  1. Oh I would love to go to that exhibition - I miss London and its museums :-( Your quilt top is lovely !

  2. Your quilt's looking good! You said you weren't sure about the white, but I think it works - makes it look fresh. Have a good (snow free) week.

  3. We had planned on going to that exhibition on Friday! Booked the day off from work ages ago and forgot to book the tickets! Then when I remembered they had sold out! Totally gutted as I so watched to see MM dress.
    Lisa x

  4. Oh - I would love to see this - I'm so out in the sticks !!

  5. The quilt is gorgeous. And so are the dresses. Must have been really interesting. I have not been to the V&A in years. Sometimes we need reminding of the fab places that this country has looked after for us. Cx

  6. That exhibition sounds wonderful! Imagine seeing all those iconic dresses. Thanks for sharing some photos. You're quilt top is lovely, such beautiful fabrics.

  7. Your quilt is looking beautiful - such pretty colours and fabrics.
    Exhibition looked good - i had a similar experience couple of years ago with a quilting exhibition at the V & A - first 5 mins was nightmarish squeeze and couldnt get to see anything, but then seemed to spread out and become possible to enjoy.

  8. Hi Elsy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You must be glad the snow is gone at last - it sounds like it disrupted your plans a lot. The exhibition sounds wonderful but i know what you mean about how they are so over-crowded. I went to a ticketed showing at the Tate Britain back in October and it was so full no-one could really see anything...

    Anyway, your quilt topper is beautiful, such straight lines and edges, and really harmonious colours.

    Gillian x

  9. Thanks for the tip on Animal Farm. Ive just listened to it whilst sewing.!

  10. I'd have loved to see that exhibition, the only snag, I never seem to get to London now ... it's a long, long way from North Wales! So thanks for sharing your visit with us :)

  11. Your liberty quilt top is gorgeous! I have a little stash of my own which is only being admired and not used. Thank you for the inspiration!
    ; )

  12. Hi Elsy! I am reading some of your old blogposts (after you commented on my blog!) I just wanted to thank you for this review of the Hollywood Costume exhibition. It is coming to Melbourne very soon! I cannot wait to go now!!