Sunday, 20 January 2013

Damn the white stuff.....

Stopped us taking youngest back up north to uni. Instead we've just dropped her at the station with just enough stuff to get her through the week until hopefully we can drive up with the rest next weekend.
It's snowed solidly now for 12 hours and it's more than a bit slippy on the lanes to the station, goodness knows how icy it might be tomorrow. Work dilemma again.
Gave some poor guy a lift from the station to town because the taxis wouldn't turn out. It's a three mile walk with a case! How mean! . He wanted to give us the cab fare but we said to pass the favour on sometime. Good deed done for the day. Glass of wine for me!
Ps not sure about the white round the blocks


  1. I think the white looks good.It "frames" the blocks.I havn't done any patchwork for years but actually got my books out this afternoon to look for a little project.

  2. Very kind of you indeed to help out that poor chap.
    Hope your daughter got back ok.
    Whatever you do tomorrow hope you are ok too.
    Lisa x

  3. It feels good to do a good deed - sorry the snow stopped you taking your youngest back to uni but better to be safe!

  4. I love a good samaritan story. Weve got more of the damn stuff forecast tomorrow! xxxxx

  5. Doing a good deed makes everyone involved feel good. I bet that young man was very grateful.

  6. I love the snow... but I only say that because I don't have to live in it! Its beautiful to look at. Your quilting is gorgeous... I'm glad I fell upon your blog :) have a great coming up week!