Friday, 24 December 2010

what was that i said......

about the snow disappearing.....we have had so much of the stuff that i have been pretty much house bound for a week......good for the bank balance and finishing off crafting bits but a bit stressful all the same. On Saturday we just managed to pick eldest up from the station as it started in earnest, but we were due to go to a friend in London for her 50th celebration dinner and of course we couldn't make it. I was bitterly disappointed (and a bear with a sore head for the rest of the weekend!)

As you can see we have a camera so I have taken a few snaps of our jolly snowman ......hes 6 days old today and has lost his nose and is sinking but still hanging on. Me thinks it will definitely be a white Christmas here in the small town

the tree is twinkling , candles lit, is that the sherry bottle opening?........ and young un's blanket all finished...and very pretty it looks too. (this is the link to the pattern as so many people have asked about it.....enjoy

All that's left is to wish you  a very happy Christmas....thanks for the comments and support this year .....and enjoy!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

we have lift off.....

Two offers for a university place next year ....hurrah......Christmas has come early here in the small town.
We are all overjoyed, probably out of proportion but I don't care! Friends are telling me it was never going to be a problem, but after last years fiasco I couldn't assume it was in the bag. So she may be on her way to either Sheffield or Southampton.(I favour the north but am keeping it buttoned)

The craft fair came and went, on the day we had our biggest snowfall so the turn out wasn't great........I really enjoyed the experience but didn't sell as much as I'd hoped, but that was true for all the stall holders.
All my scarves went and just one cushion so now I am left with rather a lot of the little babies. ho hum. I think I may do some giveaways in the new year.....I can hardly give them as presents can I? as everyone knows I made them to sell.................and lastly no pictures to adorn the post as my camera has broken and I don't feel able to replace it until the new year, what with Christmas and all.

Am enjoying all your snowy posts but personally am glad its disappeared.