Saturday, 9 February 2013

Morning peeps!

Another week in the small least the mornings are getting lighter, in a week or so I wont be getting up in the dark...hurrah.

Seriously if my job was around the corner instead of 40 miles away in London, I'm sure I could carry on for ages.....but the journey gets to me more and more. I even found myself calculating my severance package on Monday after a particularly horrible M11 journey......that's if I could persuade them to let me go....ITS NOT MUCH even after 23 years. Still have to get youngest through uni and out into the big wide world yet.

Talking of youngest she told us she was off to the lakes last weekend with a whole bunch of girls to celebrate 21st birthdays. When she got back I asked her what she thought of the lakes....magnificent eh? no lakes said she, it was the peak district! oh said I that's not far from the uni.....yes it was said she....had to change at Leeds.....sure it was the peak district?....oh mother she said. We looked it up, it was the Yorkshire Dales!....isn't it worrying that she knew not where she was going north south east or did I let her travel to the other side of the world?

We had friends over for supper last week and she brought this pressie for me. I love hyacinths. such a thoughtful thing to do.....I should be more thoughtful with the little touches. I know how much pleasure they give me. I made food courtesy of Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes, after watching his series on middle eastern cooking. It was surprisingly easy and impressive in equal measures.....mezze of salads Kofta and dips (baba ganoush -aubergine easy and delicious) and lamb tagine. It went down a treat. He writes a column in the Guardian as well and if you haven't come across him and like that kind of food, look him up

Another new quilt start this week. its my sisters 50th birthday in April and I wanted to make her a quilt. She doesn't read this so i know the surprise won't be spoilt. When I mentioned 18 months ago that I would like to make her a quilt, she wanted something in beige/cream and showed me something from dunhelm mill! I promptly told her I don't do beige and that she should buy one instead.....that's how we talk to each other!
So I'm making her something I like.....selfish I know, it is her birthday after all but hey, I think it will go down well.
the pattern is courthouse steps and the plain is actually off white not pink as it appears.......bit worried about the washing and really hope the colours don't bleed.....

Am very excited about the Kaffe Fassett exhibition coming to the fashion and textile museum in Bermondsey in March.....I think it will be really special and if you are an admirer try and get there.  I'm going to the  opening so will report back. 
this was the first tapestry kit i did donkeys years ago....(loads more of his since) and now i am a massive fan of his fabrics. Love or hate his work i think it will be something worth seeing. x


  1. A very thoughtful gift, I love the look of hyacinths but can't stand the fragrance.
    I'm sure your sister will love whatever you make her and if she doesn't I think you'll know!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  2. I am a great Kaffe Fassett fan.I love the look of the quilt(but that dining table looks like high maintenance to me!!).I cut out my first patchwork blocks in fifteen years out on Thursday.

  3. Don't be too sure about your sis not reading your blog. Mine said she didnt read mine, but then I caught her out! They don't teach the Geography of the British Isles well these days do they!! I'll have to have a go at some of Otto's food - love that kind of stuff. You are and I so alike - the thought of retirement is never far away from my mind (and I only work around the corner!!) xxxxxx

  4. Love the convo you had with your sister! Your courtsteps are stunning!! Just stick a couple of colour washers in with the quilt and you'll be fine.

  5. Oh gorgeous quilt - if your sister doesn't like it, I'll have it !
    I like hyacinths but they make the cats the dog & me all sneeze !

  6. Making quilts for loved ones can be a bit tricky.... The start of the gift for your sister looks lovely, both traditional and fresh. I am a huge fan of Denyse Schmidt. Her latest book is a great combination of the two. To me, your new wip has that vibe. Enjoy the making!

  7. I love Hyacinths too, the smell fills the room. I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. This is something i have wanted to make for ages. I have been collecting fabrics and that is as far as it has got. Thanks for the tip, I will make an effort to go and see this exhibition. I like a day out in London, fit in a visit somewhere and then on for a little food, perfect. Cx

  8. I love hyacinths too, I bought myself some cut flowers, and after they'd dried up, I bought myself some potted ones. I'm so kind :) I really like the fabrics in those blocks, good colour combinations. I always think it's best to make something that you like when you're making a gift, if you don't like it, how can you do it justice?

  9. Another hyacinth fan here :)

    My daughter's boyfriend once drove east instead of west with friends ... they only realised their mistake when they got to Leeds which was about 100 miles in the wrong direction!

  10. Have nominated you for a Liebster award.See my blog.