Sunday, 22 January 2012

" dont ask if you dont want the truth...."

A lovely walk this morning here in the small town, brilliant sunshine with a mild breeze, is this really  January?.....everything's coming into bud, crocus coming to attention......I think jack frost or worse, snow will come eventually and kill them all.....what a pity! 

Last night we had friends over and Herb chose this recipe from the latest Waitrose magazine...pot roast leg of lamb with haricot beans and was really delicious and a big hit. However if you were to try it I thought it needed more liquid than the recipe, so I used about half a bottle of white wine in the end rather than the 150 ml and cooked it a little longer than they said. Really good!

On the crafty front I have been accumulating and saving blue fabric for a quilt from the Jane Brocket quilting book ( by my bed and well thumbed). Finally decided, yesterday as the diamonds weren’t going to well (or rather I was finding it tricky-if in doubt give up) to start cutting out the squares for the ‘Lisbon tiles’ quilt. Laid out and of course an opinion was asked for......but not really wanted........he doesn’t like it .....” too busy” “too blue” face must have said volumes as some nifty back tracking was done.....but it was too late I slumped and whined.
Today I will crack on .....I like it, I’m making it....lesson learnt, don’t ask if you don’t want the quote.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

happy new year!

I have neglected my blog for a few months.....a mixture of apathy and self pity I think, but have decided to come back (thanks to a nudge from a wonderful cyber pal Diane) and just post whatever comes to mind, either creative stuff or about our lives as empty nesters here in the small town.

Don't get me wrong, its not half as bad as anticipated living in a child free house, Herb and I get on just fine, better than that in fact. We enjoy each others company and yet we give each other space and please ourselves , me with my sewing and stuff......him with running golf etc etc. The house is cleaner, tidier, cheaper to run but  we do miss them!! Anyhow to the end of all that negativity and onward.

Christmas was fab! the girls were home and we enjoyed our usual indulgent day; bucks fizz with breakfast, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels for 2 and bacon sandwiches for 2.......roast beef et al......a family movie, girls kept there onesies on(those all in one things from a certain cheap shop here in the UK)....purrrfect.... next 2 days reserved for family stuff, all good this year.

I made quilts for pressies.......4 in all,and a couple of cushions so I guess that kept me busy in the latter part of the year. All well received especially the Grinch quilt by youngest.

this for eldest

this for friends(well a version of as I forgot to take snap!)

 this for youngest

cushions for friends

 this for niece

 loved it much more pleasurable than shopping!

 also i have a new toy......

the old phone died on me annoyingly a couple of days before Christmas so egged on by youngest I got one of these......welcome to the 21st century said my pals......wasn't sure at first, but am hooked. Got flickr, blogger and pinterest  apps. let me know of any other really useful ones.....

be back very soon x