Friday, 23 April 2010

Its been a while...........

but I couldn't stay away any longer especially when I had such a lovely comment from Diane .

Eldest child has been home now for 5 weeks from uni. Its been lovely having her home, the only downside being the fake tan on the white towels and the once more squalid state of her bedroom, but that's not that bad is it? Tonight she is cooking us all a lovely meal with 'come dine with me recipes' and its all looking highly professional so far. Back tomorrow.

We picked her up from York before Easter and stayed overnight which was a real treat. The three of us had a real lovely afternoon walking round the city before a slap up meal and then back to the hotel ( I love staying in a hotel, mainly because of the laundered sheets!) morning early Herb and I did the city walls and he showed me his old school which is now St Johns uni.

However the real high of the past few weeks was the Yorkshire sculpture was an amazing day out and I don't believe it would have to be just a love of modern sculpture for this to be a real treat. We were a mixed group, 6 to 60 and we all really enjoyed the day. True the weather was glorious, like summer, which helps any day out along but also the sculpture was fab (my favourite was definitely the wonderful Sophie Ryder and Henry Moore pieces). The 'bunny 'pieces as my niece called them are really amazing, made I think from galvanised wire and the kneeling sculpture stands probably 25 feet. Wonderful.

the park, views, exhibitions all a real treat....and its free to get in (£4 to park) how much better could it be. We took a picnic but there is a cafe. ....As you can tell, I'm a real fan of the place...please go if you're near Wakefield you wont be disappointed.

The low of the past month is that I've not felt great and am awaiting the results of a whole range of tests. It really brought me down, so much so that creativity has gone out of the window unusually for me. I've started and abandoned lots of projects(except this little experiment which is now with the other half started pieces dumped behind the sofa). However I am a lot more positive now and am sure all will be ok. Those few words D made a difference...thank you