Saturday, 30 July 2011

I finished my first quilt...

and here it is......modeled by youngest who not only survived her 3 months away but had the time of her life and is very sad to be back.(especially when she is stacking those shelves at waitrose). I really really enjoyed making this and am chomping at the bit to start another one.

 as to other stuff.....I have spent these past two days clearing out my mothers home with my sister. Not a nice thing to have to do but obviously it is down to us. The personal stuff is tough and most we cannot tackle and have boxed up for another day.
This is the gorgeous David Austin rose Herb and I bought for the garden  for my mum. It has the most wonderful old fashioned scent and a delicate but dense petal.....its the Mortimer Sackler climbing rose.
It was so hard to choose at the garden centre as these DA roses are all fabulous. Not cheap but well worth it. I will treat myself to another .
 and of course we are all home again together.
There are no clean towels, no mugs or glasses in the kitchen, there are fake tan hand prints on doors and walls, makeup covers the bathroom and the dirty washing bin overflows. BUT I LOVE HAVING THEM HOME....

Thursday, 7 July 2011

she's back today.......

cake and banner made.....just about to leave for soooooo excited!