Saturday, 30 January 2010

Snowy Saturday.........

My intention today was to change the header picture above to reflect my more positive approach to the year now that January is almost behind us, some emerging bulbs, cavorting lambs, sunshine....but what did I find......snow. A whole white world, yet again. Enough is enough I say.

Indeed I intended to rant about the roads in this country after a journey to Norwich that should have taken 1 1/2 hours took 4 and the trip to Lancaster and back was 10 hours instead of 8. Both delays due to lorries.....but I'm not going to.......its a beautiful day despite the snow and we have good friends coming over today so I'm happy. Risotto will be made, wine will be drunk and smelly cheese eaten. Bliss

Lancaster was a long day. Youngest had her interview while we did another tour of the art department, accommodation etc. She loves it there and we think it would suit her very well but.......we found out they have reduced the number of place this year, 27 out of more than 150 applicants and half of those will go to students who have done a foundation year so effectively she is trying for one of 14 places! My heart is heavy on this one friends.

Progress on the snowflake blanket is good and for those that asked this is the link for the pattern /

My main creative thoughts are in the direction of the Bargello needlepoint ( I do tend to flit all over the creative spectrum, as you may have noticed)......I love this type of needlework and have just rekindled my interest and started a new group on flickr. So if you give it a is incredibly quick and easy to do, please let me know and share. have a great weekend one and all.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

He's back...........

Mad men...the best thing that's been on TV in years(no no youngest cries 'desperate housewives').....anyhow if you haven't seen it give it a go. Its set in the 50's/60's in a New York ad agency and the attention to detail is amazing. Best of all it stars Jon Hamm who is gorgeous as Don Draper. No going out for me on Thursdays for some time.

We're back on the road this week as youngest has two interviews at Norwich and Lancaster to try and get on the fine art degree course. Being on consecutive days means a whole heap of driving to do. We ummed and ahhed whether to stay at Lancaster cos its an 8 hour round trip........but we have decided to come home. We all love our own beds and damn it this whole process is costing a fortune. Dont tell youngest I brought that up! Anyway at least no snow to contend with..(she said banging wood as hard as possible)

I have finished the bargello which I am really pleased with......I even had the nerve to start my own flickr bargello group, so if anyone has any squirreled away please add it. This is not a very popular type of embroidery but I think its rather beautiful and very quick to do. the colours are actually more vibrant, I just have a rubbish camera.

Yesterday in Cambridge I bought some gorgeous wool in John Lewis with christmas money I still had(where else can you buy wool these day).....its Rowan aran and I want it to make this. I thought if I start now and have it on the go, I can bring it out next winter when it will be well appreciated for snuggling on the sofa.

This lovely fabric arrived from America for the quilt I intend to make at some point from that delightful book I showed you last time..........this is so unlike anything we have in our house.....which has a lot of white with the odd strong colour splash...thats maybe why I love it so. Anyhow have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to x

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Crafty and sad.......

......No this is not hopefully what my friends think of me.......its kind of how things are, here in the small town at the moment. I took all your advice, most gratefully received and eldest child got the train back to York last week. We dropped her at the station where it was a direct run , about an hour away and that journey was bad enough so we were wise not to do the whole trip.

Even so, seeing her bundling herself to get on, so wrapped up in her new scarf she could hardly be seen, struggling on the busy train with all her bags, dropping things left right and centre....until she collapsed into her seat aided by two nice young chaps.....oh to be young eh ladies. No one rushes to my aid if I drop something nowadays, I'm sure I'm becoming every so slightly invisible.....anyway I digress. It was sad.

Herb could see I was about to shed a tear so whipped me away so I wasn't making an idiot of myself on an empty platform.

There were moments when she was back that were infuriating,wet towels dropped everywhere, makeup in the bathroom sink.....more plates, cups and glasses upstairs than down....but oh I do miss her now.

Meanwhile youngest has interviews at uni's for her fine art course in a couple of weeks so we will be on the road again......I so hope she is successful.

So thats my sad bit, the crafty bit is that I've been busy. I'm contemplating a try at patchwork. I got this gorgeous book for my birthday and am really inspired to give it a go. So have picked one out and have bought some kaffe fassett fabric on eBay which I will share when it arrives. I am nothing if not ambitious!

I also bought this canvas on came from USA and was beautifully wrapped with a lovely little badge and lace....

The reason being I saw this on another blog and loved it so am inspired to give it a them or hate them I think...I have a draw full of completed tapestries so will put them to good use.....haven't told Herb yet cos I think he reeaaally wont like it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. It will be long term project.

Another couple of bargello needlepoints on the go, love doing these because they are so quick. One is a copy again and the ribbons one is a pattern from an old book. I must think of something to do with them when there're done....any ideas?

There is just not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to have a go at.......maybe I could give up the job ha ha

Friday, 8 January 2010

To York or not to York......

that is indeed the question..........we are supposed to be taking eldest child back to uni tomorrow, a 350 mile trip! Not a prob at any other time, but I think we are both worried to do it with the forecast of more snow up north. We almost came a cropper when we collected her the Friday before Christmas.

The train is not really an option of course (all those extra clothes and shoes to take back!)....i guess we will give it a go.........will pack the sleeping bags and shovel just in case!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

happy new year to all......

Its been a while, but I can tell you that a good time's been had by all. Christmas went by in a blur of snow, wrapping, twinkly lights, food, fizz, more food, the final episodes of Gavin and Stacey and Dr Who(well with DT which is the only one that counts according to youngest)....and then of course more food.
Gifts were exchanged and I did very well as always, beautiful silver earrings from eldest and this cute little addition to the sewing room from youngest together with a divine smelling Yankee candle. My first!

My 'home made present' swap partner made me this beautiful silk cushion and they also presented us with loads of lovely home made edible delights. Chutneys which smelt amazingand tasted so too, mixed nuts roasted with salt pepper and crushed herbs and a delicious panforte, packed with nuts and fruit. We were really spoilt and of course that has upped the ante for next year.

A beautiful unexpected gift was this wonderful glass platter made by sally page. it came from eldest child's friend's parents to thank us for letting her stay here over the past few years. They live in a village some way from here so she sometimes sleeps over after when the girls have been out, but that's it apart from the odd meal and making sure she eats if shes going to be drinking! a really generous thought.
I should be at work today but snow put a stop to it. No way am I going to attempt a 80 mile round trip in this weather so am going to be frivolous with the time and sew in front of a black and white movie. Bliss