Sunday, 27 February 2011

spring is round the corner......

I feel, don't you?.....longer days, bluer skies and the odd spots of colour here and there in the garden.

I saw a recent post on the Attic24 blog for a gorgeous wrap and quickly picked up hook and started producing these wonderful little flowers. Lucy at said blog  is one of the most generous bloggers I have come across when it comes to sharing her passion which is crochet. She has a huge following here in blogland and if you haven't yet come across her, have a peep, you will not be disappointed.

My colours are a little more muted but all the same for this house where white and grey generally rule this is colour with a capital C.

Youngest declared it to be really pretty.... what is it?....a don't wear shawls! ...Well I'm getting older and  I need a shawl sometimes......You're not going to wear it out are you!!!

I don't feel quite so enthusiastic now............

Monday, 21 February 2011

thank you for your patience....

Its been such a hectic week that I am only just wrapping the giveaway gifts......but for those who sent me their address they will have a package by the end of the week I promise (overseas may take a little longer).....its been lovely making these little babies, but as H thinks they are ''nice but pointless'' they deserve better homes.   

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pip and Pop

Amazing psychedelic landscape installation in sugar! 
Its on at Smithsrow in Bury St Edmunds and if you are in the area you must try and catch it before the end of the month. Youngest and I paid a visit on Saturday having seen it on another couple of blogs(thank you purplepoddedpeas  and  silverpebble)  and it was  even better than anticipated. Everyone that walked into the gallery couldn't help but wear a huge grin. Its detailed, intricate and you would see different things, I'm sure if you stood there for a month. Its made from 700 kilos of coloured sugar and took 14 days to complete. Adorned with glitter, sequins, aquatic greenery, tiny little figures and beautiful origami pieces, all in the most magical colours. 

Its a free exhibition and am sure would not disappoint a soul, old and young alike. We loved it...

Saturday, 12 February 2011

everyone's a winner!

Apologies all, for the delay in sorting out the winner of the giveaway....something came up yesterday so the grand draw was delayed until this afternoon....... youngest and I put all the names in a hat (literally) and the winner of the cushion is Lisa from jumble and jelly........well done Lisa

Do you let your family read your blogs? I don't, not because I particularly write stuff about them that I don't want them to read, but I guess  because a) its in the main about crafty stuff, which they have zero interest in....and b) because its something just for me.....and in a house where hardly anything is exclusively mine nowadays, its quite nice.

So I don't encourage it, (I don't hide it either which shows how much interest they show ha ha)....anyhow that was a long introduction to the fact that youngest saw your lovely comments whilst helping me and couldn't believe only some of you would get a gift....sooooo everyone gets something!
Not sure if that's in the spirit of the giveaway but what the hell, its my blog everyone apart from Lisa gets a pot holder or one of these little scarves.

Let me know your preference and I will try and accommodate, although H says the potholders must go!!

Email me your addresses and I will get the goodies sent sometime soon, it may not be this week as I have a toughie work wise but it will reach you eventually....promise x

Friday, 4 February 2011


You'll know by now, if you dip in and out of my blog, that I've thrown myself into new crafts in the last 18 months partly cos I know I'll be spending even more time on my own when youngest goes to uni and partly because I really love it! With the discovery of flickr and blogging, having a go at new things has become a big part of my life.............H thinks I spend far too long on the computer especially as I spend my working days on spreadsheets and the like, but there's so much to seek out.
My new love for 2011 will be patchwork and fabric, with maybe a dabble in embroidery. I'd also like to learn how to make felt and may do a mosaic course! as a thank you, I'm offering a few of my finished items as a giveaway.
All you need to do is to become a follower and let me know what new craft you might have a go at this year. The winners will be picked next Friday. The cushion is made in cotton and the colours are lovely and  bright  although I actually prefer the back. The pot holders were great fun to make and are made in a variety of yarn.