Monday, 31 December 2012

Where did that year go?

Hope you all had a wonderful relaxing Christmas. We had our very own prescribed day........bucks fizz and bacon sarnies with the present opening. Roast beef dinner and all the trimmings..salted caramel torte for pud...dress optional. 
Rowdy competitive game round the table (with eldests boyfriend with us this year, Herb didn't feel so outnumbered  and didn't it show when it was girls versus boys.)
Family in black 3, completely daft ..........and that was it. 
Done and dusted for another year. 
Picture above is us today......residue of gifts still under the tree and Herb will trip over something and then it will be taken away....happens every year!

I had a bumper crop of gifts this year....everything I like.
Now that eldest is in employment she bought very extravagant gifts and the liberty bag held a wonderful selection of that gorgeous fabric. She said she spent ages picking it (so agreed said boyfriend). 

I chose the quilting books and wasn't disappointed. the Brigitte Giblin book has been on my list for ages and its gorgeous and very inspiring.

Failing to find cards in the shops here, very last minute I made these for Herb and the girls. Badly embroidered on the back but well received.

so here we years eve.....once again just the two of us....girls have just taken the train to London to celebrate in covent garden. 
we are having cold meats and pickles with some saved special wine and the latest mad men box set (from Santa)  happy new year all! 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Preparations begun......

First time the tree done without the girls......bit sad about that , but I'm sure there will be a bit of rearranging when they come home!

Friday, 2 November 2012

A quilt finish

a finish!

I started this quilt in January and finally finished it yesterday! I fell in and out of love and then back in when finishing it. I added another round at the end and its officially the biggest quilt to date . Tough going on the old machine so I definitely think a new one is in order at some point.

 Its from a pattern in the Jane Brocket quilting book and mainly used 
Amy Butler fabrics.....its very very blue, but that blue that reminds you of the med and holidays. 

Not quite sure what will happen to it though...... happy corner somewhere maybe.

before the last row added

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crochet cushion giveaway

I have these two cushions to give away if anyone can give them a good home. I'm afraid it's uk only due to postage costs. They have the pad included
Just post a comment on the blog and I will get back to you x (both taken-thank you)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympic torch

Off to see the torch which is passing by the end of the street ..... Absolutely chucking it down!!!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

degree results!

Eldest got her results yesterday.......and she got a 1st in psychology from York! We are both so incredibly proud of her and pleased she got the result she had worked so hard for.
She is having a well deserved holiday in Turkey and then will be on the hunt for work..............its tough, as everyone knows but am sure something will turn up. Fingers crossed everyone.

Unfortunately that is the only good news at the minute so am taking a break till everythings back on an even keel.....still loving all your posts though! x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday mode.....and scrap quilt back

Thats what it's called in these parts...well in this house. Whatever I do on a Sunday, I can see the raised eye brows of those around me, whispering, the sigh of acceptance of what they perceive is to come....its called me doing a bit of housework! and without intention Sunday is the day I always choose. 
Its involuntary, I start to think about the week ahead....WORK....and like the house to be sorted, so washing goes on.....surfaces tidied, bed's changed. I'm not talking real cleaning here. I just like the house to be prepared for the week to come...I expect its just me preparing ME for the week to come if I'm honest. I know I'm lucky to have a good job in these difficult times and only 3 days a week with very generous holidays, but I dont feel lucky and a 3 hour commute doesn't help......I like making things but that doesnt pay the bills!!!

 All that said (sorry) I've had a great week. Youngest back from uni, with 2 tons of washing and many many bin bags of 'stuff'. Unbelievably she has finished her first year at uni and had to vacate halls. 

This came back with her and had to be washed.....its come up lovely, love these scrap quilts. 

Thursday we had a very hot day in London. Youngest and I met my cousin who wanted to visit the Hunterian museum for research for her masters art piece......I'm game for most things so we went along. Utterly fascinating. BUT a little hard to look at times.  A mixture of animal and body parts stored in jars  from the earliest days of surgery. Some of the exhibits looked truly beautiful until you read the descriptions. Its housed in the royal college of surgeons and is free.!.......we were assured children love it there, but one or two things are still haunting us so not sure about that......probs just me.

Much more my cup of tea.......the Sir John Soane museum directly across from the Hunterian on Lincolns inn fields.. a beautiful Georgian house with the most amazing collection of artifacts from all over the world, all crammed literally into a very small space....we thought it was beautiful and quite magical. The light from the inner courtyards and skylights was tinted and gave a wondeful yellow glow. Very atmospheric but unfortunately strictly no pictures so you will have to go yourself....its free and they limit entrance so its not crowded. ..really fab.

 After a fab lunch it was off to Anthropologie for a look at the wonderful and very expensive home stuff. great for ideas not great for the pocket!

and finally the garden, the sun....a bit of thread...and spare a thought for eldest beavering away at her project......the final piece for her psychology degree. Its due in on Wednesday and I know she has been working so hard, 15 hour days in the library for weeks now to get the grade she wants (and deserves). Ahhh

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a new quilt for a little chap

 My very dear friends became grandparents a couple of weeks ago(very young grandparents I might add)....and they are over the moon of course.
I got to meet the little chap yesterday and he was a real delight. I'm not usually very comfortable around tiny babies. I never rush to ooh or arhh , nor to have  a hold....but I must say I was quite taken with him......but no, I'm definitely not ready to be a grandma for some time......girls note! (actually they dont read this, I'm just throwing that up into the ether for them to absorb the thought.)

So a little quilt just had to be made.....I chose the Sarah Jane fabrics , Children at play....which are just lovely. I even attached a little label this time which I haven't done in the past.....but probably all quilts should have one, right? It was well received.

My giveaway from Katy, I told you about last time arrived. Very exciting. I almost snatched the postie's hand off when he knocked I was that excited! If you are unsure what the thangles are for, check out Katy's great tutorial
Now all I have to work out is what to to Bath tomorrow so it will need to wait.
have a great weekend x

Sunday, 22 April 2012


I love this sight.....

before the rain, the sun..... Norfolk

wip..paper piecing... making it up as I go along

and another......kaffe fassett inspired....think I've ruined it with the purple spots!

wonderful 50's fabric exhibition in London

love this metal covering on this building

what a glorious way to get to work.....for some

a little kaffe fabric all the way from the USA

and a little mid week treat.......shared of course

Just to top everything else I won my very first giveaway....from the wonderful and very generous Katy Jones. If you haven't come across Katy yet and can't believe if you like to quilt you haven't, check out her blog.....very inspiring
happy Sunday x