Wednesday, 18 August 2010

do you like the new header picture?

A little clue to how we spent my two week enforced break from work (why is she moaning, I hear you say)

We joined the National Trust and its FAB....granted on our outings we were amongst the youngest adults but still we have visited some lovely places. We even developed a bit of a the house and gardens followed by the NT and second hand book shop and finally the cafe for cake and coffee. Its the best money we have spent in ages.

We started the week at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. An Anglo Saxon burial site that Herb had wanted to visit for many a year. It was really interesting and informative BUT....... all the fabulous treasures that were found in the grave are now in the British museum. Herb was very disappointed but still a good trip, great book shop and gorgeous cafe. Followed by a little foray into Woodbridge.

Wimpole Hall next, a beautiful house inside and out (I will take snaps next time, I didn't realise you could until we left), wonderful gardens, shop and more cake.

 Oxburgh Norfolk, wonderful Elizabethan house with some tapestries initialled by Mary Queen of Scots and Bess of Hardwick. Not such a great tea room but highly recommended all the same.

 Lastly, my favourite, Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge........its the most gorgeous house that was renovated in the 20's in the style of the day. It has a working mil and wonderful gardens including that magic copse of Himalayan birch trees, that took our breath away it was such a surprise. I'm sure i saw some fairies flitting about under the trees.

the dahlias were majestic and so much variety and colour....and of course great cake and cafe.

and of course no summer break would be complete without a trip to the seaside.......beautiful Southwold, Herb even swam in the sea, still it was the best day weather wise in the fortnight.

I have been busy with the hook as usual, building up stock for this Xmas fair I have been talked into, but I also made this cushion(at the bottom) for a fellow blogger. She has a great blog prettyshabby and she had had a really tough week so I offered to make her something for her little caravan of the vintage variety. Don't ask me why, I have only made for a couple of close friends and after I made the offer I thought she might of thought me a bit odd, but its done, sent and received and by all accounts she is very happy with it.

and finally we have a friend to stay...............Toby, he's been a joy to have even though he has a poorly leg and we couldn't take him anywhere, he is extremely loving, good natured and very obedient even at 10 months old. We shall miss him when he goes back on Friday.