Sunday, 20 December 2009

I wish it could be christmas every day

....well today that's certainly been the feeling here in the small town....we are all together once again and its been a jolly kind of 'lets get it all together' kinda day.

Gifts that I've made for friends have been finished(modelled beautifully here by youngest), the house is decorated, a winter warmer stew was prepared and eaten and the Harvey's was fished out from the back of the cupboard......oh yes we all definitely have the festive spirit!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm dreamin of a white christmas........

just didn't want it tomorrow. .......we have lots of the white stuff here tonight in the small town. Tomorrow we are off to Yorkshire to collect eldest child from uni. if there's anyone up north could tell me what its like up there I would be truly grateful.

Herb just mentioned the fact that eldest said on the phone last night she was very excited it was going to snow here......she wasn't concerned we might be about to do a 6 hour round trip in a blizzard......ahh i replied that's what parents are for, to do all the worrying about practical matters.

Tree is up tonight but awaiting its adornment when eldest returns...its a family tradition, girls do the tree while mother sips a Harvey's Bristol cream or two. (father watches a football match somewhere in another room!), at least these days when they've finished I don't have to redo it when they've gone to bed....decs are emerging from hibernation......I'm a sucker for a reindeer or moose, anything with antlers really
I love the snowflake curtain here I found here and have made my usual snowflakes for the doors. unfortunately half were destroyed when herb opened said doors ripping some of my hard work to shreds. ho hum...wish us luck tomorrow!