Thursday, 11 March 2010

what next......

Having failed to get onto any degree course for fine art, youngest has a new plan. Can you guess? something that maybe would cause a shiver in the heart of any parents of a 17 year old...........yes you guessed....she wants to go travelling to Australia!

This is a girl who when she was about to miss the train returning from York recently, kept texting in a frenzy for a solution to getting home because she couldn't think of one herself!..she is the most adorable, loving, fun kid.....but maybe not particularly street wise (or is that just a mother talking?)......AUSTRALIA!

I managed a weak smile, Herb never looked up from the paper. ''yes of course I've always wanted you to do the travelling I didn't....lets talk about it later''...I said as I hurried to the computer and dashed off several emails for foundation courses in art.