Sunday, 13 January 2013

First week back...........

at work......I struggled really to focus on the world of accounting again when all I really want to do is play with fabric and thread, read blogs and the paper, the odd book, go for get the picture. Nearly three weeks off work did me no favours in that respect but it was lovely.
 Apart from two maternity leaves I have been working for nearly 37 years.....not full time I grant you but hey isn't that enough? 
We have recently discovered a new word in this house.....kvetch.....means whine in enough with the kvetch!

Saw the Hobbit on Wednesday with youngest (yes she is still here- uni time seems to get shorter as the fees get higher, but don't get me started)...brilliant film, long but wasn't bored for a second. 

Drs on Friday .....I rarely go because whatever's wrong with me....this time its a very painful shoulder..I get the same diagnosis....advancing age and weight. I could have saved the petrol but Herb insisted.

So that's it.......promised myself a finish before I start something new so pulled out the liberty log cabin..........and as the forecast tomorrow here is HEAVY SNOW....that will mean no work for me! when can I retire please?

Happy Sunday all x


  1. Hope you get to retire s oon - because, I tell you, it's a good time!! The quilt looks great already. Good luck at doc's. x

  2. Love the log cabin, you have chosen some beautiful fabrics. I am just embarking on a tentative toe dip into the quilting world. I have made a mug mat and have a half finished picnic blanket from a couple of years ago that got shelved because I was frightened of doing the bias binding and mucking it up! I am finding loads of inspiration online so will overcome my fears eventually. Love that you have promised to finish a project to start another, I am trying to do the same but keep getting side tracked by mini crochet projects. Hope you settle back into work very soon, it'll soon be Summer holiday season, time flies and all that! xx

  3. Your Liberty log cabins are so pretty - you are going to have such a lovely quilt!

  4. I love the log cabin quilt!I am starting back to work today after 3 weeks off... going to be a struggle!

  5. can't go wrong with Liberty fabric!!

  6. Liberty never lets a girl down!

    It was supposed to snow here too, but predictably it just rained a lot, again! (Is there such a word as kvetching ... only I'm doing it ;) )

  7. the liberty log cabin blocks look great!

  8. Oh I like that word Kvetch !
    Pain of any kind drags you down - hope you get some relief & enjoy your lovely quilt making.
    I'm not going to see the Hobbit ( I can't believe you saw Les Mis on your wedding day - tell more ! )Don't regret not going to see the film ... it's very heavy & emotional and sometimes we just don't need that in our lives !

  9. Love the fabric you have for your quilt. I'm sure it'll be a stunner, your things always are.
    Hope you are warm and safe whatever the weather is like by you just now.
    Lisa x

  10. Oooh!! I love those Liberty log cabin blocks, beautiful!! Don't let the GP fob you off with 'it's your age ' at the very least they need to look at pain management if it is going to be a long term issue. Take care!!

  11. The quilt looks fab - i'm thinking of starting a very simple quilt! You could have come to Sheffield today - the roads are OK at the moment. I'm with you on the work front - enough is more than enough! It ruins your life! xxx