Sunday, 18 September 2016

whats wrong with two weeks in Spain ?

Youngest is on route to Bali for a two week holiday.......shes been in the air for 13 hours with at least 3 more to go......I'm tetchy and can't concentrate on anything till she gets there......its not just a fly and flop.....they are going trekking, white water rafting and other things that just set my heart racing.....was I this stressed when she went travelling aged 18?.....I keep reminding myself she's 24 and living the life....but I also keep thinking, whats wrong with 2 weeks in spain??

Friday, 15 July 2016

Last night.....

Last night......

was spent with friends oohing and ahhing at pictures of french property for their coming retirement, hurried home to watch the recorded tour de France and all its drama, when all the while a terrible crime was being committed on a day of celebration......what is the world becoming? makes me despair....its yet another dark day

Sunday, 26 June 2016

What have they done?

A fantastic holiday in France and Spain....we have met such lovely people along the way, fellow Europeans who treated us with such kindness (at our lack of language skills) and showed interest in our lives here in the UK......and now this decision by a little over half the vote feels like we have turned our backs on all those people and indeed sent a strong message that all the people who have come here are no longer welcome. But more that the divisive nature of this vote, its the young people who are the real losers in this. The last dagger blow from the baby boomer generation on their future. I feel incredibly sad and angry.