Sunday, 29 May 2011

a sad time........

because my mum died yesterday......its been an intense and tiring 6 weeks caring for her but with as many highs as lows.
We made our peace and its these weeks I will remember rather than what has gone before.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

a new love.....

the pictures are poor.......but I have a new love. 

Its in its early stages but choosing fabric, colours, cutting, and sewing have kept me going in the past month. These were taken with a borrowed and broken camera, youngest took mine on her travels and of course it is now broken! (how many I told you so's have I had to listen to about that!) 

On that subject youngest is now in Australia, Noosa....which she is loving. She is in regular contact so I cant ask for more than that and she having an absolute brilliant time.(have only had one sleepless night when she sent an email to her sister saying they were staying in a hostel with no other girls just a great bunch of Korean guys that didn't speak English....mixed dorms.....felt better when she moved on!)

 No sign of elderly P going home yet so this quilt obsession could get verrry expensive!!

Monday, 2 May 2011

careful what you wish for...........

you may recall in the past few months that I have anticipated a time when the girls would not be here and it would just be me and Herb. We rub along just fine after 25 years and enjoy our days out and days in but I knew it would be much quieter and as I did a fair bit with youngest, I would occasionally find myself at a loss.

well  ha ha ha ha ha(slightly hysterical laughing) because we are not alone!!

As youngest went on her travels and eldest prepared to go back to uni...... elderly parent became  ill and can no longer live this is my new role, well it has been for the past 3 weeks and let me tell you I was not born for it! 

Luckily I had a fortnight off work so that has not been an issue especially as I am up a lot during the night.

We have not ever had a good relationship but what can I do.....carers starting tomorrow, herb is being the absolutely best, over and above the call etc and so we soldier on. 

I think I am mainly Nurse Jackie but alcohol is my prop not drugs.....which would you be?