Saturday, 16 April 2011

I love this world.....

blog world that is....I have got so much from it in the last few years that it has become a really important part of my life. I love the friendship and creativeness of the people I have 'met' and the generosity  just goes to prove that despite what gets said in the media we still have the capacity to be thoughtful and kind towards our fellow man.
That said I am feeling neither towards the people at the beeb who have replaced my much loved BBC7 with something else entirely. Why mess with something that isn't broke......I loved all those rerun dramas from the 70's and 80's!
 I must show what a friend sent came beautifully wrapped (something I can never do)

 a wonderful handmade card
 with loads of detail
 and this beautifully adorned heart,,,,the picture doesn't do it justice. What a lovely thing to make for someone and we haven't even met......yet....check out the lovely Diane at  heartshaped

Thanks for the comments regarding the last post.....youngest has been in Thailand for a week and is now arriving in Kuala Lumpur. She has already ridden an elephant, been snorkeling, island hopping where 'The Beach' was filmed, participated in the national water fight that is the Thai new year celebrations and seen a mahoosive spider. We get a text every day so far and we are all thrilled she is having such a fab time.....but she is sorely missed.....I have one more day at work then am off for a fortnight when I will put my current self pitying state behind me and get on .....

Monday, 4 April 2011

only 3 days to go.......

until youngest flies off to the other side of the world........on the outside I'm excited and cool, inside I'm jelly and the darkest thoughts invade my sleep and wake me up........then keep me that way until the lights creeps in..... of course she will have a wonderful time and an amazing experience...........never thought i would feel like this about it though.