Sunday, 14 August 2011

jewels from turkey........

Well not quite, but my super dooper brother in law was thoughtful enough to buy these gorgeous jewel coloured threads from the market in Turkey.The colours are beautiful and I will try and maybe do some embroidery on linen to show them off.
Meanwhile I have started another quilt mark 2.

You may remember that eldest got this crochet blanket to take to uni a couple of years may also remember that it was rescued some months later from the back of the wardrobe.....I shall save it for her.

I have higher hoped for mark 2. I'm a bit disappointed with my sewing.......not all the points go in the right place, so I'll have to work on that.

I have had two weeks holiday at home. My employers last year decided a 2 week shut down in august was the best for the business.... just when I didn't need annual leave in school holidays any more!
But I'm never one to make a fuss about time off and fortunately having been there forever I have quite a lot of holiday so it doesn't bite too much into my leave.
So we have just stayed here and pottered and I have loved every minute.......some days out, sewing, caught up with friends, Ikea trip for girl about to go to uni, visited a national thrust or two and just enjoyed being at home (oh and some nice food and wine).
I'm sure when I get back to work tomorrow people will not believe that I've had an enjoyable fortnight without leaving these shores...... but I have .

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mollie Makes and Jane Brocket

I try very hard not to succumb to the temptation of magazines. They are expensive and generally nowadays I see them as a treat, a kind of reward, if life is good or sometimes not so good.(much like food actually but that's a whole different blog.).
I have always loved to drool over other peoples homes, get inspiration from the stylists and have probably hundreds of living etc, Elle decoration and Homes and Gardens from way back that I can still pull out, so really I shouldn't buy more.

However when I read all the blurb about this new craft mag I had to buy it.......missed the first copy as couldn't get it locally so subscribed for the agreeable £5 for 3 issues offer. which has duly arrived as promised.

Am on issue 4 now but do you know what, I'm slightly disappointed. I settle down with the mag and good coffee and its over too quickly.....dare I say not enough substance to warrant the list price of £4.99. so I think I will probably cancel. What do other people think?
 I've saved the little freebies that come with the mag for a felt ring and felt necklace......if anyone would use them please let me know and I'll pop them in the post.

This on the other hand did not disappoint in the slightest...... Jane Brocket's book of quilting.....its beautifully presented and written. The quilts are fabulous and I love her writing. She really makes you believe it to be simple and achievable to make something so beautiful.....she also has a great blog.
If you like to quilt or look at a beautiful book, treat yourself.
Sadly( my family tell me) it is my current bedside reading however I have even caught Herb having a flick through. Gorgeous