Sunday, 18 July 2010

the things we do for love......

Up at three this morning to take youngest and her pal to the airport for their 2 week trip to Zante. There are six girls going as last year. They were so so excited. She has sent a text to say they got there OK......sea's blue and its very hot.

They have had all the lectures about staying together come what may. Fingers crossed.

Eldest came back from Spain, had a wonderful time in Nerja, loved it.......and did I say, we are going nowhere, have I mentioned that before? To make matters worse, for the first time ever at work they are operating a 2 week shutdown in August, at a time when for once I don't need to have my holiday in school break time.

Apart from last year when we went to my sisters house in Cyprus we have always gone to France.
We both love it there and even the girls, who moaned like hell the past few years have been waxing lyrical over our traditional french hols. You know the routine......up and out, head straight for a village or small town ....with a church or chateau (has to have one or t'other), a river an added bonus then lunch out then back to the pool , books out and just do nothing but relax

.......oh yea then I make a 'french' type meal or we go out.....Herb and I sit outside the gite and drink Jameson's and put the world to rights....we have done this for years all over France and then this year I just did nothing about it.....maybe in September.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

18 today....and a rare stroke of genius

...on the part of yours truly.

Youngest child's 18th has been fast approaching , no party was required, she was planning a full day out with friends, beach during the day, clubbing at night. All that was required of me was some drinks and nibbles in between.
Then last Thursday all her friends dropped out of the day trip, all good reasons, she was so disappointed but putting on a brave face.......I suggested a family lunch during the day but was hoping to find something better........then a little play on the net and ting the light went on....a day spa....and as luck would have it there is a lovely place 30 minutes away. Even better it was doing a pamper day two for 1, so she and eldest were driven there yesterday early. She was very surprised and looked a bit nervous but at 6pm when she came back she had had a brilliant time. It was a raving success! Meanwhile I had made a cake, food, decorated and mixed cocktails.
Her friends arrived laden with gifts, beautiful flowers and champagne to get ready. Fed and watered off they trotted in those belts they call skirts and 6 inch heels. Herbs face was a treat.

We then settled outside with the remains of the food and cocktails, pina colada for me, sex on the beach for him ha ha and ruminated on where the last 18 years had gone.....a very successful day(until about 3.45 this morning when they tumbled out of the cabs and up the stairs, that was me fully awake and no sleep since-still managed to finish another cushion front)

Eldest came back from uni last week.....with a years worth of clothes that needed to washed, I kid you wasn't that they were all dirty but they smelt of the halls, and it was not pleasant. Before we left we visited the house she will share with 7 others in October. Granted her room is twice the size of halls and lighter but that's it really, not marvellous. Still they are all really thrilled and consider themselves lucky to have found such a great place. Who are we to argue.

However we have had to fork out £900 rent for the summer when of course the house will stand empty.....if anyone has some spare cash, with interest rates so low, you could do worse than buy a house to rent to students in a uni town. The landlord is getting about £30k a year for not a lot of effort. Not bad eh?

University blanket came back in one piece and just needed a good airing.....

redundancy announcements probably this of joys x