Friday, 26 February 2010

I have a very dear friend...........

whom I love very much. He is a wonderful man, who I have know for over 20 years and who is really the best friend any woman could want.
We have shared the best of times and the very worst of times in those twenty years. I can talk to him about nearly everything, he is a wonderful cook, we love to talk about hopes and dreams for our families, we share problems, he is the life and soul of every party (which I am definitely not) and his version of 'Amore', is a must at any event.
He is the snappiest dresser ever( its the Italian in him) and I can't imagine not having him in my life. On top of all that I am very close friends with his wife, godparent to one of his children and we share all occasions. We even went to Italy together several years ago, with the blessing of our spouses and had a wonderful time eating our way through Tuscany.
Today my friend is 50 and we are off tonight to celebrate with him and the family. They have had a very tough decade and my wish is that the next 10 years will be kinder in every way.
Well, what do you buy this man as a present.......these which I know he will adore, he's a sucker for a label. Happy birthday dearest friend.


  1. How wonderful to have such a close friendship.
    Divine gift!
    Hope you all have lots of fun celebrating the special birthday.
    Lisa x

  2. Very swish - i'm sure he will love them. xxxx