Friday, 26 February 2010

Thank you.....

for all the kind thoughts and words. Of course she got back safe and sound, floating through the door at 1 am declaring it the best night of her life! One of the band had held her hand , gazed into her eyes and sang just to her! Ah.......should I spoil the moment, telling her how worried I had been all night, rant and rave about how stupid she had been to get in the car with an inexperienced driver in those conditions.............No of course I didn't, after listening to all and I mean all the details, I casually mentioned that maybe it hadn't been the best of ideas, she paused, 'that's why I didn't tell you she said'.....before floating up the stairs, leaving me to wait for the effects of the strong coffee to wear off and calm down..........who'd be a parent.................we would!!!!


  1. What a relief!
    My goodness she'll remember the concert forever, who was it that held her hand? Was it the really cute one?!
    I think I may borrow S's bracelet at some point, after all she's always trying on my shoes!
    Lisa x

  2. They know us so well!! Where we ever that bad?