Sunday, 7 February 2010


Thanks for all good wishes friends but she didn't get in. That's two interviews and two rejections. So we are all really disappointed for youngest and a bit worried. As we've started talking to friends who are going through the same process this year, it seems the economic downturn is having a big effect on university places and that will only get worse next year with the proposed cuts to funding. Last year eldest had no interviews, she just had to get the grades. This year most of youngest's friends are having interviews for all different subjects, and not many offers, one maybe two. Even the really academic straight A kids.

Youngest did set her sights high, so we will see how the next two go, then maybe scout around for any one year foundation art places that are left.

Its hard to see your child so disappointed!

On the crafting front I was really chuffed this week to sell two things I've made. This (obviously when finished)and this. My friend asked me to make them so she could give them as gifts, but she did pay me. The embroidery I already had so I just framed it,(forgot to take a snap) and the scarf took me about 2 hours and looks really good in the grey.

The blanket continues to grow. Apologies to those who tried the link for the pattern. The site seems to be down. If anyone wants a copy let me know, I will try and get you a copy.( I only have a paper version)

Yesterday I went to a book sale and bought all these lovely books for £4.50. I love old books like this one given as a prize 50 years ago, beautiful pictures of France and this slim cookery on french recipes. The penguin box set of cookery books was a steal £2.00, I love the writing of Elizabeth David and Jane Grigson, and of course Nigel can always be relied on.

the craft books are excellent. Don't you just love these 1970s pictures of crochet loveliness.


  1. So sorry to hear of the disappointment, it must be hard for you all. I love your wonderful crafting, so gorgeous! suzie xxx

  2. Hello.....nice to meet you! You are so talented, look forward to following your blog...xxxx

  3. I am sorry that your daughter is having a disappointing time over her uni place. Will cross everything in the hops she does get the place she wants. You just want to be able to make it all all right don't you?!
    Love the colours on the embroidery you did and all those books, bargain!
    Lisa x

  4. Hello Etsy!
    Thank you for your kind comment!
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she could have soon new chances!
    Your snowflakes blanket looks stunning!
    Have a good week!

  5. Commiserations to your daughter - it must be so dissapointing. My daughter has to just get the grades for her 1st choice so its not as bad. Has she asked for feedback on why she was not succesful? Love all your crafts and great book finds. xxx

  6. Your poor daughter, I do feel for her. I heard it's a tough year this time for getting into Unis as so many more are wanting to go. I love the books you got, what a bargain, the price of the Penguins alone would be sky high. Intrigued by the little cookery book, I love the illustrations. Congratulations on making some sales, you'll be setting up in business at this rate!

  7. Commiserations to your sweet daughter.
    I love the fist picture, those forms and colors are great. And i really do love your header with the perfect blue door too!!

    Happy Thoughts!

  8. HI, thanks for your lovely comment. I was wondering what to do with my granny squares.
    Hope you daughter has some good news soon.

    Hugs RosieP x

  9. That French book is so pretty! Thanks for commenting on my blog - it has been so encouraging to read everyone's thoughts. Have a great week and hope your daughter gains courage.

  10. Lovely scarf - just gorgeous! It only took two hours?!
    So sorry about the university place, will keep my fingers crossed for your daughter.
    Good to meet you - what a lovely blog you have here, looking forward to reading more!

  11. Hello there!

    Oh dear Im so sorry to read of your daughter's disappointment, I can imagine how she must be feeling and Im keeping my fingers crossed that something turns up for her.
    Good scoop on the books, I love the french cookery one, the illustrations are sublime!
    The embroidery work is beautiful, and the scarf is a very pretty design!

    Love Julia x x x

  12. Hi ! lovely to meet you. I LOVE your header - my dream garden !
    Sorry for your daughter - mine is doig A's but already decided uni is not for her so the pressure is off. My son would give up school right now & has been asking to since he was six..he's 14 now !
    Wonderful books

  13. Fab books.
    Well done with your sales. :) xxx

  14. I am sure something wonderful is waiting for your daughter...Perhaps not where it is obvious...
    I love the things I've seen here. I bought a Bargello book a few weeks ago and think it looks great. The book has some very interesting patterns etc. I will join your filckr group if I ever make something!

  15. what a shame for your daughter, hope something comes up for her soon xox

    love the scarf - just gorgeous

  16. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I sympathise with your daughter not getting offers. We were in that horible waiting game last year and thankfully got one offer out of five. But I too have heard this year is even worse. Fingers crossed something crops up. Even clearing has been known to come up with better offers than the original rejected places.