Thursday, 11 March 2010

what next......

Having failed to get onto any degree course for fine art, youngest has a new plan. Can you guess? something that maybe would cause a shiver in the heart of any parents of a 17 year old...........yes you guessed....she wants to go travelling to Australia!

This is a girl who when she was about to miss the train returning from York recently, kept texting in a frenzy for a solution to getting home because she couldn't think of one herself!..she is the most adorable, loving, fun kid.....but maybe not particularly street wise (or is that just a mother talking?)......AUSTRALIA!

I managed a weak smile, Herb never looked up from the paper. ''yes of course I've always wanted you to do the travelling I didn't....lets talk about it later''...I said as I hurried to the computer and dashed off several emails for foundation courses in art.


  1. Australia isn't too bad (says an Australian), she might be able to send you back lots of lovely wool. I got into my first course I applied for (Arts) and hated it, took a few years out and then did something completely different (horticulture). She might find more direction through taking a bit of time out even though it seems scary now. It can't be easy for you though, we need our children to be safe and on track but what a boring life for them!!! Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.

  2. At that age they want to do these things! It is so scary though isn't it! Suzie xxx

  3. Australia, that is a big leap! There are lots of nice people here though, if that makes you feel any better. I can understand your reservations and trepidation as I would be the same if my angel wanted to travel to the UK next year. Yikes.

  4. Oh dear! Automatic worry begins! It's a very exciting prospect for your daughter. but a fraught one for you I can only imagine.
    Lisa x

  5. I'm lost for words. I hope your internet search is fruitful!! My neighbours son upped sticks and went to Australia a couple of years ago in very similar circumstances, but he didnt go travelling around, he got a job and stayed in one place - which is less worrying I think. Any way, he comes home for holidays now but wants to stay out in OZ permanantly he is having such a good time. xxxx

  6. OOH thats a BIG plan ! My seventeen year old drove us all into town earlier my first time wit her as a learner ( I don't drive ) Hubby was great with her .

    We had lunch & talked over her plans - she wants to go on the transatlantic with him next December ( they can email me course work ! )
    I may crew on a J Class yacht - I may go to Spain

    I'm just gong along with it all at the mo !

    When did we miss that bit where they GREW UP ? !!

  7. Oh dear and I've got all this to come - although not for quite some time, thank goodness. But on the plus side, it could be a lot worse than Australia - Africa, South America, Pakistan spring to mind but I doubt that really helps. This whole University thing really stinks!

  8. Oh goodness me, I can only begin to imagine what that must feel like!! Seventeen must seem very adult to your daughter but of course to you she is still your little girl,
    sending love J x

  9. Hope all is well - just missing you