Sunday, 1 November 2009

Its been a while.........

...and I have done some lovely things....the knitting and stitching show at ally pally was wonderful, I would urge you to go next year if you can. Not only lots of lovely things to buy, but wonderful textile art and demonstrations. However I forgot my camera so have nothing to show except a couple of purchases. Wonderful Amy Butler prints for a bit of patchwork and gorgeous yarn for a bit of crochet.

but generally.....I have been in a major slump!

I'm not prone to moods except a little pmt and even that's on the wane.......nor generally to prolonged miserable periods, but this has been awful. I feel mithered, on edge, as if all my nerve endings are on the surface. Every thing is a major effort and nothing brings joy (except youngest child of course.) Herb and I have not got on, which is fairly unusual, I even cancelled good friends who were due to come for dinner last night only because I couldn't make the effort to cook. I have had a week off and hopefully with the return to work tomorrow, life will return to normal.

A good day was had on Thursday however, visiting the Tate Britain and Portrait Gallery, for the purpose of inspiring youngest for her ucas personal statement. Will write next time of what we saw, but would highly recommend the restaurant in Covent Garden we went to..... Wahaca....a fab Mexican, recently awarded best cheap eat by the guardian. It was really good.

despite 'slump' have been quite busy on the craft front, some more copying I'm afraid

a little try at some redwork embroidery

more bargello copying

and the crochet scarf all finished. Doesn't it look fab, hopefully it will be well received at Christmas.

Oh this was something else to add to my low period......a little accident in the one hurt thank goodness.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, it's good you've been able to keep yourself busy. The scarf looks wonderful, I am sure it wil be loved! The Amy Butler fabric looks so nice, I hope you show what you do with it.

  2. I feel just like that sometimes and I am now convinced it is a hormonal imbalance associated with 'our' time of life. Sometimes I just wish this whole change thing would be over and done with so that I can feel half human again!
    loving the gorgeous yarns and fabric:-)
    Take care,

  3. Oh my much here.
    Love all your crafts, realy adore the red embroidery. I wish you could pop round to me for a cuppa and some girlie support. I get a bit odd at times, no real reason for it...maybe my age?! I hope you feel much brighter today, sending you a special hug.

  4. I love that scarf! I hope you feel brighter soon, its horrible whaen you feel low like you do. Perhaps you have been doing too much. suzie. xxx

  5. I'm sorry to read you've been a bit low recently, I hope you are able to shake of those feelings and you feel brighter very soon.
    You bought some really lovely bits and I LOVE the crochet scarf. You are so talented.
    Lisa x

  6. You poor love - but rest assured, you are not on your own. They don't call it "The Change" for nothing I suppose. You have a lot of changes going on in your life, so just be good to yourself. I love the scarf and your other bits and bobs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(extra ones because they are needed)

  7. Hello and nice to meet you to. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed Ally Pally went myself a couple of years ago, great fun. As for those feelings like others have put your not alone. My girls have both flown the nest now and married with children of their own. I still get the odd blue few days, no reason, no rhyme, just totally out of sorts. Not the usual upbeat me...and as Diane has put lots of changes going on, things take time to settle, I remember hubby and I being empty nesters, when the last DD had left and married, I used to just walk into her bedroom and cry and then we decided the room had done its just and we changed it into first off a study and now the other side of the room is my new craft area as you can see from the photo. Oh one of the plus things though is we are now catching up on travel...woo hoo. Anyway so pleased you dropped by...will be back take care Teresa

  8. I love your Amy Butler fabric what will you make with it? And the crochet scarf is adorable.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scarf!