Wednesday, 14 October 2009

she's gone.............

Life has been really hectic here in the small town of late. We have visited two more universities for youngest, one far afield and one a bit nearer and then of course this weekend we took eldest child to York university. Which of course was extremely exciting and more than a little sad. The process for moving in couldn't have been easier. As we parked the car outside the accommodation, a mob of students descended and unpacked the car in a trice (love that word!) and deposited everything in her new home. The bed was made, the tins squirreled away (herb was aghast at how much food i had actually bought) and then we left, really quickly.
Of course that wasn't my idea, I would probably have hung out for the dramatic goodbye, but herb was having none of that (and quite right too) and so eldest disappeared without a back ward glance and left me to have a quick weep. Of course I knew she was crying too.....but after we had a walk round the campus and returned to the car, we spotted her on the grass in a big group all getting to know each other. I have phoned, I couldn't help myself and she is have fun meeting nice people.

Last week we visited Norwich university of art and Newcastle! I have never been to Newcastle before and we all loved it. Great campus, fantastic art department, the space for the students was the best we've seen and the course seemed just perfect, but of course it all comes down to that wretched portfolio, so youngest is busy trying to get that up to scratch.
On the way home I asked the man in the car park how we could get to see the Angel of the North as we had left the A1 too soon to see it. His reply was that why on earth would anyone want to see that rust bucket, it was a terrible eyesore, he could see it from his house and loathed it!
But we loved it. We only saw it close up but its a magnificent structure and when you stand at the feet and look up its imagined movement is more that a little scary.

Norwich was really good too, but it is specifically an art uni and is quite small, but its a great little city so she could do worse than end up there. The building and facilities are excellent and it all felt very exciting and creative.

On the crafting front the bargello is coming along a treat and I had a play with the hook and came up with the beginnings of this little scarf. both I think will become Christmas gifts as 'handmade is the way to go this year I that we are supporting a student and are poor, well that's what I'm telling herb when he wanted a new golf club, its going to be a cheap Christmas ha ha.


  1. Can you crochet a golf club?!
    Stunning photos of the Angel.
    Hope your daughter continues to settle in well.
    Hugs to you!
    Lisa x

  2. What a magnificent angel! I bet it is quite breathtaking up close! Suzie. x

  3. Oh, I love the Angel and Gormley's other pieces - would love to see the figures on the beach in Liverpool looking out to sea.
    That scarf is going to be gorgeous - did you make that up yourself?

  4. 'Oh my word' you are getting around and the angel if fantastic - close up and from a distance.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  5. So glad she's settled in ok. We seem to have come to a halt with the visiting. Love the crochet

  6. Thanks for the message. I think I'll be wearing the new brooch on one of my many black cardis in the winter to brighten things up.
    Enjoy your weekend. Lisa x

  7. I can so relate to this post we took our oldest son up to Stirling Uni at the beginning of September. T'is difficult isn't it.
    Love the crochet:-)
    Take care,