Sunday, 29 November 2009

a very rainy sunday

Some left over birthday cake, a strong coffee and a very absorbing book on this very blustery day here in the small town.........if you haven't read it give it a go. A very young friend of mine recommended it(he's 12 and as bright as a button). All I'll say is it's one mans tale of the Holocaust.........told in graphic form. I can't put it down.

Another Christmas present this one so it will be hard to give away(is that a mean thing to say?)

Have decided to make the mother a shawl for Christmas........she isn't exactly gushing over my hand made efforts so will let you know how its received.(have a back up just in case.)

Off to Bath this week. some friends of ours have just bought a large house that they plan to convert to a B&B. An exciting new adventure of which I am more than slightly jealous. So I will take lots of pictures and when its finished will let you know the name just in case you find yourselves in Bath with nowhere to stay. They are lovely people who will make a great success of it. There is also a Christmas market in Bath this week so am really excited on both fronts.

Finally we had a lovely day in Southwold this week to celebrate Herbs landmark birthday. Happy birthday lovely man!


  1. Happy significant birthday wishes!
    Looks like the weather was good for you.
    I think the scarf you've made is wonderful, I can understand why you wouldn't want to part with it.
    Lisa x

  2. OOoh happy birthday from me too! I love that scarf, and no Its not mean, I would want to keep it too, it will be so hard to give it away!!! suzie. xxx

  3. Glad the lovely man had a lovely birthday. Southwold is a perfect place. Love the scarf. I'm envious of you having friends run a B&B in Bath - but I wouldnt want to run one myself. Hows the Uni search going. We were all highly impressed with Salford Uni last week - very student focused and can offer accomodation for all the time that they are there! We have not come across that before - very reassuring. The only problem is that the course she wants is the only one that is constantly over subscribed - so we will have to see.