Sunday, 27 March 2011


One of my favourite places in all of England

Dyrham Park...a national trust treat(or national thrust as H calls it!)

 Not one but two stitchy locally and one at Olympia.....not as good as the Ally Pally one in the autumn but a few purchases made ...of course
Liberty type lawn

Actual liberty lawn

Some blossom from a friend
..and a bit of stitching

Not a lot of words I know, but am a bit preoccupied as youngest going on her 3 month trip in 10 days to the other side of the world.....yikes!

Happy Sunday x


  1. Oh how lovely. Bath is one of my favourite places too!
    Good luck with the packing ... no wonder you're lost for words!

  2. Love your photos of Bath and that NT house too, esp the one sof the kitchen asbsoluely fascinating.
    Lovely new stitching.
    Hope all the plans go well over the next few days!
    Lisa x

  3. They know how to put you through it dont they!! Still not been to Bath - its still on the list! CAn you let me know your adress as I have a little something for you. Love the look of the house - Mr Darcy could come calling. Did you see my Mr Darcy post? xxxx

  4. Lovely photos and I'm adding Dyrham Park to my list of places to visit. My son left home many years ago but I still get butterflies when he's off travelling to far flung places! Louise xx

  5. Ooo thanks for the fabulous tour of Bath. I would love to go there xx

  6. Bath is one of my favourite places too. I've been there twice.
    Love your fabric purchase, and your colour choices in your embroidery.

  7. Omg, I love these photos so much!! I'm DYING To get to England one day. I love the fabric, too!

  8. Bath is a wonderful place to visit. My daughter will be away for two months in the autumn sailing with my hubby. I'm having awful anxiety dreams about it. x

  9. I really really like your embroidery, they're gorgeous, such beautiful colours. Another craft I'd like to have a go at one day.
    Sorry to hear your Japanese flower shawl is not appreciated. I made mine two rows wide and turned it into a scarf as I did think it would be a little too flamboyant for me as a shawl. But if more of us were braver in such matters the world would be a brighter place!

  10. Bath is on my wishlist!
    And your embroidery is very delicate and beautiful.
    My daughter of 18 wants to do a tour of Europe by train, I don't even want to think of it!