Monday, 4 April 2011

only 3 days to go.......

until youngest flies off to the other side of the world........on the outside I'm excited and cool, inside I'm jelly and the darkest thoughts invade my sleep and wake me up........then keep me that way until the lights creeps in..... of course she will have a wonderful time and an amazing experience...........never thought i would feel like this about it though.


  1. A scary time. I returned to work when my son was 7 months and I was heartbroken to leave him at nursery. It suddenly occured to me then that motherhood is a series of separations until the big one when they grow up and leave! We are hardwired to worry. It is in the job description! It is that balance between wanting them to experience things and to learn to be independent in time, and yet not wanting to let thm go! xx

  2. Sending lots of thoughts filled with calmness and serenity to help balance of the jelly ones!
    Lisa xx

  3. We never stop worrying do we? My eldest is 22 and left home when she was 18, but I still worry about her. I'll be just the same with my youngest ... ;0)

  4. I bet your feelings are all over the place. I'm dreading my daughter going but look forward to happy times together in the future.

    Lots of love xx