Wednesday, 9 March 2011

And so it grows

this flower garden of mine......but oh the dreams of wrapping myself in this little beauty with the admiration of all around me are fading fast.
The comments have got worse and dare I say it, my beauty has become a joke round here with friends drawn into the debate and the consensus is universal. .......''its pretty but, no you can't wear it!'....that from a good friend. I ask you.
What kind of uncreative unappreciating  bores am I surrounded by.
Looks are exchanged when its brought out so I will finish and block it somewhere out of sight.

So in public at least I have taken up the needle for some experimental embroidery, courtesy of a fantastic french tutorial. I dont understand everything she says but great visual instructions. No comments from the family on that yet!

Sunday found us in the city of Sheffield for a university visit.....and we all LOVED it.(Diane that was for you).

After the usual tour of the uni and accommodation, which was impressive, we had a couple of hours in the centre itself and it certainly lived up to expectation. Much better than the descriptions I could give you, visit diane who is a great advocate for Sheffield and the surrounding areas....we are all sold , but she is visiting others on the south coast and  Nottingham so its not a done deal yet, but fingers crossed.


  1. It is so strange - somethings are considered too pretty to wear! It's almost as if people are thinking 'who do you think you are?' for daring to invite beauty into your life - and what is more flaunting it, by wearing it. I bet these criticizing people spend their lives in black and beige, trying not to draw attention to themselves. Sometimes 'friends' (and family) are not very friendly - they are sabotaging and hurtful. Please take no notice of these thoughtless comments - you are not imagining that your scarf is very lovely, it truly is. If you feel you cannot overcome their nasty comments in order to wear your scarf with pride and enjoyment, just make it into a triangle or a bigger rectangle and decorate a chair or your bed with it (as that can be a really lovely look). It needs to be seen and to be shown off. Celebrate your lovely crochet and enjoy it. It makes me sad when I read of those who are so unsupportive and it is quite common. Perhaps try and find some new creative friends who will support you and give you confidence in your work instead of denigrating it. You've done some lovely work, please be happy and proud - I would be!

  2. Your crochet is beautiful!! I hope you do wear it!
    We're not looking at uni's this year but my daughter is just finishing her degree this year at Nottingham - well she's based at Sutton Bonington - and she's had a fabulous 3 years!!

  3. Take no notice! Wear whatever you like!

  4. I'd proudly wear it,hope you do too. It's beautiful.
    Lisa x

  5. Well I think you do absolutely amazing work. Wear it! I can't even imagine being able to create something so intricate...

  6. I think your work is beautiful, you should feel so very proud.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I am now your newest follower.
    Pam x

  7. P.S. I did just get the potholder!! It is absolutely beautiful and I am so happy that it has come so far to live with me. Thank you so so so much!!

  8. Wow! Your crochet and bullion embroidery are amazing.

    I have become a follower of your blog. Please check out the pattern book give-away on my blog, if you are interested.

  9. I found a tutorial for these yummy flowers just this morning. I too was blown away when I saw them on the lovely Lucy's blog a few weeks back.
    I had to laugh when I read your family & friend's comments. If & when, I manage to make one I'm sure my family will say similar things, so at least I'm forewarned, lol. I used to think, 'what will others think if I wear this or that,' but then I started really looking at what others wear & realised that anything goes!!! So my rule of thumb is, if it makes you feel good, wear it.

  10. Phew!!!! I can breath out now!! Ive always said its not a pretty city, but we do try (against all the odds!!). And it was a horrible day! Wear thats scarfe with pride! xxxx

  11. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi!
    I love your flowers, they would look great on a linen bag.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. Just came across your blog and wanted to say that your flower shawl in beautiful. I find people (mainly my husband and trendier members of the family) still think my hand knitted/crocheted/sewn things are a bit naff cuz they're not from Next or Top Shop etc.etc. But when you come wear that I bet you get loads of people tell you how beautiful it is - and no-one else will have one. Wear it with pride!
    PS I love the colours

  13. Your crochet is looking fantastic! I am very envious as it is something I have been unable to master x

  14. I think you should wear it ! I'm not visiting any unis as Jess not going on but am living through hearing her friends' reactions - sadly not all getting offered plaes. What stress they are under.

  15. The scarf is so so pretty - oh yes you must wear it, but wear it when the non-beleivers arent around so you'll enjoy it free from comment!
    Love the embroidery you're doing too - beautiful colours and such neat stitches!
    Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog!
    have a great day!
    Gill x

  16. They obviously don't have much taste, Elsy. Wear your beautiful flower scarf with pride! Thank you for commenting on my blog. As to washing fabrics before sewing, people have different views. I used to wash fabrics to use for sewing bags or clothes (so that the fabric won't shrink afterwards) but for quilts, I think they're better not washed. The fabric is stiffer before it is washed which helps keep your pieces and blocks straight/square and then when you wash it, if it does shrink a bit, it just gives it a nice vintage, crumpled look. Also, when you wash fabrics before sewing, all the cut edges fray badly which is annoying! Happy quilt making.
    Hen x

  17. Hello
    I see you are friends with Diane and Lisa, two of the nicest bloggers around.

    Love your colour choices, it will be very sweet.


  18. Hi just having a read through your lovely blog and I love your scarf. I am so pleased you loved Sheffield it is my home city and I love it too.