Friday, 28 January 2011

New year' s resolutions.......

 ....we don't make them, whats the point, most would be blown out of the water after week two, with the bottle of red that is sooo needed or that meal with friends that must include the cheese at the end.
So no resolutions but being another year older and past that dreaded 50 (only just I might add) we are both aware of the need to make the best of we promised ourselves lots of days out a deux, in preparation for there being only two of us pretty soon...... also to try and save a bit each month(we will have two in university by the end of the year, all being well).
So with that in mind last week we took ourselves off to Anglesey Abbey, our favourite national trust place to date, to explore the gardens. The rain was torrential but that didn't deter our guide Joe, a NT volunteer from giving us a cracking tour of the gardens. He phoned ahead to the flour mill and said we were coming so we had the full tour and talk of the mill as it was in operation. Fantastic.... and there were only the 4 of us.
 If you are in this part of the world Anglesey Abbey is a real treat, and the house when open is wonderful 1920's decor.

 Today H suggested a trip to Maldon to see the Thames sailing barges.....these magnificent barges with distinctive rust coloured sails are a sight to see......but not in January. It was so  so cold that I barely stopped to take these poor snaps.......we were so cold in fact we didn't do the place justice and were very soon back in the car scoffing H's delicious egg sarnies and coffee....with the heater on......then home.We will go back when its a little warmer as the walk along the river looked wonderful.

Finally this lovely fabric arrived from the US...  am not sure what I will do with it but I just had to buy it and couldn't get it others find its cheaper to get fabrics from the states?....theres nothing round here apart from John Lewis which doesn't have a great stock, will need to do a bit more research. 
Oh I just remembered youngest has booked her trip down under, it looks amazing and I am extremely envious...will tell details later
am in the mood for a bit of hooking and a movie so that's what I'll jolly well do! happy weekend x


  1. We're at the same stage as you ... one already away from home and 'the boy' ready to go off to Aberdeen in September, and we've also been enjoying time together just the two of us. We actually went out for a meal this week for no reason, and we like to go for long walks together.
    That tree bark looks amazing!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Another one for the club here! Although my baby is only 16 this year. Im making the most of him - which embarrases him to death! Hubby and I have started planning stuff together again though, and in Feb we have a week all on our own when he goes skiing with school. I went to Maldon once (it was warm, but windy!) Its a nice plave. xxx

  3. When T moans and groans about us going out as a familyand it's beginning to get on my wick I try and think about the times ahead when he won't be with us as he'll be doing his own thing.It doesn't always work but it's yet another reason why blogging is great because you get such a fab record of all you do together, good and bad!
    Just love that fabric, it's so cute.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  4. I'm getting used to my daughter going out more in the evenings. We are going as a family to Kingston Lacy & taking my mum who loves snowdrops - hopefully by next weekend the snowdrop walk will be a delight.

    I would love to go to Anglesey Abbey one day also see those Thames sailing barges as I adore tan sails too !