Wednesday, 19 January 2011


 I was in the book shop the other day and noticed a new Cath Kidston on the shelves called Stitch. As you may know I am not a great fan of all her stuff but do like her reintroduction of certain colours and items in the vintage style. Anyway I digress.......this book is of much more interest to me as my original love was for needlepoint and tapestry especially Bargello and she has included some Bargello patterns in the book.......this form of needlework has not been popular lately but maybe Miss Kidston will change all that.

If your new year crafty resolution was to try something new.....give it a go.....all you need is a tapestry needle, some canvas and the tapestry wools(I use appletons). Its really fun if you like playing with colour and patterns and there are so many designs in blogland if you look. Some of mine are copy's and others are my own or adapted. I have started a group on flickr so would love to see your stuff on there if you give it a go.

ps most of the finished items were given as gifts so I only have these pics to show.....


  1. These look really effective. I'm not a Cath Kidston fan either. xx

  2. These are really cool. What would you do with them? Pictures, pillows, footstool covers? What else. I do have a rather large piece of canvas, but only some really homely colors of green wool, maybe I'll try my hand.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lucky people getting those as gifts.
    Mat have tolook into this one, I keep meaning to learn ctochet again, but not sure I'll get the hang of that.
    Lisa x

  4. ah I've seen this on another blog....might just give it a go !

  5. Oh my word, these are absolutely stunning! I've never heard of Bargello before, I'll definitely do some more research as it's gorgeous. Like I need another hobby. Just don't tell The Husband, OK?!

    You are so talented!

  6. Beautiful! I like the way you use the colours!