Sunday, 21 November 2010

My, how time flies.........

when you are so busy making stuff for a Christmas fair, working , having a birthday, cajoling a prospective uni student, being a friend(or trying) not to mention a wife etcetera, etcetera (as Yul Brynner once said). But hey nothing bad so am not really complaining.
We have at last pressed the button on the ucas application for youngest for next year. This has been causing me oodles of stress and  is what has been preoccupying my mind practically 24/7 . But its done the lap of the gods.......all we need is one little offer.

Of course its even more important now that the coalition has decided  that it is in all our best interests for university fees to be nearly £9k a year, meaning the average student living away from home could incur debt of £50k more or less and this from a bunch of people that in the main received  free higher education. I could rant for ever but to no avail really.....just one little offer please.

On a much more positive note we had a lovely weekend in Bath staying with friends who are renovating a large house to open as a B & B. They are the most generous hosts and despite building deadlines took a couple of days out  and we finally got to see the Roman much more to see than that main pool and it was a very interesting couple of hours, all moody atmosphere as the light was fading. I love anything about ancient Rome thanks to a very inspiring classics teacher at school. We also saw the wonderful Castle Coomb (we were sure it was really a film set for Harry Potter, no aerials, phone wires and wispy smoke from every chimney!) and Cirencester . Bath is the most wonderful place and if you have never been perhaps I could recommend a little B & B I know!

......and of course I have been beavering away at the stuff for the Christmas fair NEXT week.......have made 10 scarves which I would love to show you but my camera has died. (as these things do near Christmas just hope its not the boiler next have an odd feeling)...........

Lastly I wanted to share this picture with you.....isn't it fabulous ?........this, I am convinced, is the bed in the book Heidi, that the grandfather built and I so craved as a child.... Enjoy x


  1. I`ve been to the Roman Bath in Bath 32 Years ago and stayed in Pool as a student. I must go back and visit again.

  2. wow! Bath looks terrific. I really wanted to go on my birthday but hubby said there wasn´t any offers on travelzoo so boo hoo! one day.... lovely pics btw jennyx

  3. Bath is a beautiful city. You have been very busy!
    Hope the fair goes well enxt week. And fingers and toes crossed for the uni place.
    Lisa x

  4. I love Bath, I have been there twice now, and will definitely go there again.
    Good luck with the offers.

  5. Fingers crossed for the Ucas thing - if she comes to Sheffield it will give you and I chance for a meet up! I love the look of Bath and have never been, so whern I get the opportunity - I shall be asking for the address of the B& B. Hope all goes well for your craft fair. xxxx

  6. We're going to Bath this weekend for the Christmas Market ... I can't wait!
    Fingers crossed for the offer ... it's one of the most stressful times you can go through as a parent!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. Oh well done - I know what a stress this is as have friends going through the very same. Jess is not going on to uni neext year but doing some local courses ( then doing a Trans -Atlantic crossing with hubby - how scarey is that ? ) It was a student from her sixth form college who lobbed thot fire extinguisher at the protest & there was a huge march in Bournemouth yesterday ( I quite expected to see her on the six o clock news !!! )

    Hubby & I spent a weekend in Bath a couple of years ago - so beautiful. We went to the roof top Spa on the Sundauy morning & floated aroud looking at the roof tops. Magical.

    That little wooden bedroom is so sweet

  8. good luck with the fair, hope you get lots of customers and no snow x