Monday, 1 November 2010

I've been busy.........

 I know I've neglected my blog and I do miss catching up with all you folk, but it had to be done.....the Christmas craft fair is fast approaching and I'm getting nervous as to how to fill the I had a really hard push and finished off these cushions, which you've all seen before in their unmade up form but here they are finished.....(testament to that is a very stiff finger and sore wrists!) more to go then I'm turning my attention to some scarves and embroidery.

as I've never done this before any ideas about pricing would be helpful.........


  1. There are crafts, and then there are your very designer, exclusive looking crafts!!! Wow - they look amazing! Becky is causing us some real worry at the moment. She doesnt like her course - its a long story, but we did try and talk her into the more academic one, but she knew best!!! She always wants to run before she can walk. Also, her boyfriend is in Leeds and although its only 30 miles away, it is where she wants to be. She comes home at weekends to work, and she is a nightmare! (except when the boyfriend comes to stay and then she is all sweet!) and she also failed her driving test last week too. About Sheffield Hallam, everybody that I know that has gone has liked it. I do know a couple of people who didnt do their last year (which is pretty stupid) but I think that was down to themselves and not the Uni, and of course, Sheffield is a great place to live. I'll be glad when they are all in a job!!! PS The book comment is from my Aunty and Uncle, who now live in Spain. xxxxxxx

  2. wow, they are gorgeous. I'm sure they will seel really well x

  3. Wow, you have been busy! All of it looks beautiful.....
    Good luck with the Christmas fairs, not that you need it.

    Love Lou xxx

  4. You have been so busy and it all looks gorgeous. Sorry can't help you with the pricing. I am sure you will do very well.

  5. Am completely unable to help you in the pricing department, but I love all you've made.Good luck at the fair. I bet you do well.
    Lisa x

  6. Hi Elsy,
    I've just found your blog via Flickr and am so glad I did, I look forward to reading back through your post (when time permits, sigh.) More surprised though to see my blog already in your sidebar, it's a small world, hey? We must have similar tastes! Your cushions and embroideries are spectacular, you should do brilliantly if it's the right sort of fair.
    Hen xxx

  7. Wow you've been so busy. Your work is beautiful and should fly off your stall!
    Good Luck Kathy xxx

  8. Good luck with the Craft Fair - I'm doing one on Saturday and then all the following weekend.

    Your cushions look great!

    Busy... busy... busy... !!!


  9. I know all about negelecting a blog.
    These things look amazing! Don't sell them too cheap dear, there's a lot of hard work in them!

  10. ooh ! fabulous ! I have no idea on pricing but I just love the long flowery scarf !

  11. Great work. I would love to have a few of those pillows. As for pricing, I would charge at least $50 dollars American. And for the scarfs at least $20 dollars American. They are jus lovely. Can't wait to see more.