Sunday, 12 December 2010

we have lift off.....

Two offers for a university place next year ....hurrah......Christmas has come early here in the small town.
We are all overjoyed, probably out of proportion but I don't care! Friends are telling me it was never going to be a problem, but after last years fiasco I couldn't assume it was in the bag. So she may be on her way to either Sheffield or Southampton.(I favour the north but am keeping it buttoned)

The craft fair came and went, on the day we had our biggest snowfall so the turn out wasn't great........I really enjoyed the experience but didn't sell as much as I'd hoped, but that was true for all the stall holders.
All my scarves went and just one cushion so now I am left with rather a lot of the little babies. ho hum. I think I may do some giveaways in the new year.....I can hardly give them as presents can I? as everyone knows I made them to sell.................and lastly no pictures to adorn the post as my camera has broken and I don't feel able to replace it until the new year, what with Christmas and all.

Am enjoying all your snowy posts but personally am glad its disappeared.


  1. Yes, Sheffield sounds good, then you can pop into Leeds for a little workshop, whilst you are visiting her...;-)

  2. Oh congratulations on the offers, i now why this can be a relief :))
    I would love to buy one of your lovely cushions. This is the one i prefer
    Just let me know if you want to sell it and ship it to me in Holland.
    If so you can e mail me at

    Have a happy Monday.


  3. I am routing for Sheffield too for obvious reasons! Well done the young lady. xxxx

  4. Great news - you must be delighted! It's such a weight lifted off your shoulders when you know they've got offers!
    Have a good week!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. And what's wrong with Soutampton?!
    Too far away for you really I suppose! I hope that whichever way it all pans out it's all totally fabulous!
    Congrats on the scarf sales.
    Lisa x

  6. I'm near Southampton !!! Congratulations. some of Jess's friends are not being offered places & getting worried. She's not applying so pressure off - Just got to get her through her A levels .

  7. I know you didn't mean anything about Southampton, I was just joking! Of course you'd want your girls nearer to you and avoid any dreaded motorway driving!
    Fingers crossed all falls into place.
    Take care
    Lisa x

  8. Congratulations on the offers.
    Sorry to hear the weather affected the turn out, I can't believe you weren't able to sell more of those fabulous cushions, they are just gorgeous.

  9. Hello....
    Its lovely to come an meet you properly! All the best for your daughters Uni place (yay to Sheffield!)

    Having just recovered from our snow, I have to say I give thanks every morning when i pen the blinds and I can still see tarmac, I really dont think my nerves could stand another snowfall!

    re your comment, I so hope mine will want to do the same in years to come!

    Sending you Christmas wishes


  10. I would love it if you can make the pillow.Please charge me the regular price because it seems like a lot of work, and with children at university and might want to think about making profits ;)) No hurry though, let me know when you have the time.
    For now ENJOY the holidays.

  11. Thanks so much for your xmas well wishes. Good to hear of the university offers success. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hen x