Saturday, 12 June 2010

Things that take your mind off work....

Work is not good, it's public sector so no funds equals less jobs. It will be very unpleasant for the rest of the summer and is affecting me sleep wise. However I am trying not to be pulled down by it, so am filling the space with stuff.

Tuesday youngest took a break from revision and we went to see a's a clue. Guess? indeedy those four lovely ladies from NYC. We loved it despite the reviews and the ridiculousness of the tale. We ate popcorn and laughed a lot. Do go for a giggle, nothing heavy.

Yesterday we promised ourselves a trip to the coast. I had imaging a lovely picnic on the glorious sands, youngest sunning herself with a nose in a text book. Me with i pod and hooking, surrounded by gorgeous yarn and Herb with his binos, bird watching and bringing us ices and cold drinks. But of course this being blighty it was raincoats, scarves and woolly hats. Still we had the beach to ourselves apart from some nesting plovers and oyster catchers ( its rubbing off.)

we had a wonderful time and finished with a quick trip to Chelsea on Sea, sorry Burnham Market, (this gorgeous pad would do me)for a cream tea before rushing back for youngest to do her shift at the posh peoples supermarket. (note 25% off wine and champagne this week-well worth it)

Today has been doing what I love best, pottering round the house. I sat in the little sun we've had today and with the Archers on ipod carried on with the four way bargello. A little experiment, fun to do but am not sure I like the effect. .........and started a new crochet granny using old bit of yarn. I have sorted my threads and finally sewn the last end in the blanket finished last year. Altogether a productive crafty day.
Finally we have this at the front of the house....classily done with black tape dont you think? but Herb insisted. ........its the only flag in the street!.........

beautiful flowers in the garden......enjoy the rest of the weekend folks


  1. Lovely purple verbena in that pot.
    Oh a cream tea sounds fab!
    I work in the DWP, so can sympathise with the staff cuts etc.
    Bet there was a huge cheer in your house about 5 mins ago!

  2. Love your crochet blanket that you have finished, and the new squares look very nice. Pretty flowers in the garden are always lovely to look at.

  3. Thank you Elsy!

    Fetes are brilliant! but so too are summer flowers, crochet and pretty English seaside haunts!
    have a lovely Sunday,

    Sarah x

  4. Seems like you spent your time well. It got me inspired to do some relaxing things to. Too much stress in my life right now. Have a happy,happy Sunday. xx

  5. Hej Lovely to hear from you again ;-)
    FIKA is something very typical to Sweden ...any excuse for a coffee break and a cake if you go to this link I explain fully on my blog
    And if you go to this link
    You can see all the Swedish cakes I baked with my Swedish neighbour for Fika

    Sounds like you have had just the perfect weekend...the kind I love best, laughter with loved ones, the great outdoors and plenty of pottering in the garden and crafting.

    Have a good week ahead
    Julie x

  6. what a lovely post ...crafting / flowers / pretty houses / beach huts & high heels !

  7. stress at work is horrid, hope the outings and crochet have helped a little..
    we have the only flag in the street too, well we have 2 flags and acres of bunting.....

  8. I work for a privately owned company and they have been waving the redundancy threat over us all for the last 2 years. It would be really tough financially if I lost my job, but I'm not going to let it worry me - what will be will be. We'll survive. We also are the only house on the road waving the flag(s). My sister said it looked "common" - we are just getting into the spirit! Fingers crossed that we both keep our jobs. xxx

  9. Lovely post. I'm wondering whether the positioning of the flag was your idea, and also if you intend to keep the garage door opened at all? Sometimes it's easier to give in isn't it? x

  10. Thanks for your nice comment, Ella. I am going to just leave the silk on the cone. It's just one of those things that is beautiful to look at - well to me anyway.

    Love your crochet and you came to Norfolk, too. Best wishes, Zoe

  11. Hi,
    Love your blog it's adorable! I saw Sex and the City too. If you're interested, I did a post on Carrie and Big's ny apartment over at:

    I thought it was really pretty. Speaking of pretty, that crocheted blanket is so lovely! Drop by my blog for a little girl talk sometime:)

  12. Popping over to say 'hi' from ilovemyhouse. Wonderful blog ~ I will be back for a visit again!

    Hope you are having a Happy June!

  13. Hello! Linked to you from do you mind if I knit and I'll definately be back! Love that blanket!