Saturday, 26 June 2010

have you seen the film marathon man?.........

Friends I kid you not, it was the most traumatic 1 hour and 45 mins of my life! and I'm not talking about the football.

I am not generally given to dramatic prose, I promise you. Anyone that knows me would tell you that I am generally a woman of few words and known to play down every stressful situation. But this was third world stuff and I am still recovering. (with the help of elderly parent's strong painkillers)

Did I really give thanks on Wednesday to the footie fan who had given up their appointment!

So with a teeny hint of melodrama, I can promise I will never watch poor Dustin Hoffman in that film ever again(for those too young or too sensible it includes a terrible scene involving a dentist played by Lawrence Olivier- say no more) it is I have hardly slept since.......without a doubt giving birth felt easier and safer.

So on to far happier things. EXAMS are finished.....not for me of course but youngest, though it has felt a lot like we were under the same pressure at times. Every teeny weeny thing we asked her to do was met with the retort 'exams remember'. Well no more ha ha.
Housework duties start can imagine the response that got.

Look what came in the post today. ooh I do love little parcel deliveries and this did not fail to delight.
Also as we are short of a wool shop in the small town (and I could not be bothered to go into Cambridge for John Lewis this morning), I also bought these in the charity shop. £1.50 for 100g. Granted of course it is acrylic but its nice acrylic, quite soft and very easy to work with. I will get some merino dk when I get to JL cos that's my fave.

So...... youngest is at work, Herb is watching football and I shall adjourn to the garden for some hooking and a glass of rose.

lovely weekend everyone.


  1. oh poor you, I really don't like the dentist.

    the crochet is just lovely. hope it soothes the pain xox

  2. Lovely new yarn! I use the Cygnet (amongst others) myself - it's not a bad acrylic at all.

    I'm going through the same thing myself with my daughter - however, she is only 9 and not a teenager so god help me when she does hit teenage years! I don't think her bedroom door will withstand 4 years of slamming till she does become a teenager! Kids eh?!!

  3. The dentist appointment sounds hideous! I hope all heals soon.
    Love the colours in your new crochet project.
    Congrats to youngest (and the rest of you!) for getting through the exams.
    Lisa x

  4. Ooh how awful - the dentist that is.
    Your granny squares look gorgeous, I love the aqua borders.

  5. oh please no reminders of that film - ghastly scene !!! Toothache is so awful.
    Loving your squares. Yes, my daughter thinks it's funny to say she doesn't need to be in college 'til Thursday - so I told her she could help me - Ha !

  6. Eeeekkkkk!!! The dentist - you poor thing. I love the colours in your crochet, the aqua makes it thing - very inspirational and believe me, I am needing it at the moment. THANKYOU!!!

  7. The one film I really cannot watch!!! (and also Boys from Brazil - with the dogs!!!) I had an absess a few years ago and so I sympathise with the pain! Love the wool - I have a big bag of acrylic wool from my mums - I have made 3 blankets already and it hasn't depleted any!!! Love your colours. xxx

  8. You know something, I get a real feeling of joy and excitement from people's pics of new wool! Honestly, I don't know whether its just the fabulous colours all huddled together in their gorgeous plumpy~ness, or just the newness of it and the tempting thoughts of new projects in the air!

    Your crochet is lovely too by the way!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  9. I do sympathise, honest, but your post did make me laugh! I hope the pain has gone, and that your elderly parent could spare those pills because that wouldn't be too funny either!!

    Do hope your husband is coping with England's loss, I'm wondering whether the flag has since come down...

  10. please don't tell me they didn't use novocaine? although i still feel quite a bit anyway. ouch ouch ouch!