Saturday, 22 May 2010

beautiful bath and other bits of the west country

Did I tell you we have friends who have moved to Bath to open a B& B? Last weekend we visited and from the minute we got there, literally, we were on the move. We had a whirlwind tour of that part of the west country in 4 days! our favourites were Bradford on Avon and Wells with numerous little villages thrown in for good measure. Tetbury was very pretty but the rain was unrelenting so no snaps, oh but there was champagne in a lovely hotel the Hare and Hounds nearby. Will go back next time to visit all the antique shops. Oh and Laycock where Cranford was filmed........ was just like a, a film set really. Except a coach load of American's had just arrived so it was impossible to get a great picture. Fantastic short break with some very generous people. they will make excellent hosts.

Back at chez nous we are in the grip of exam angst here in the small in general for youngest is not going too well so I am doing lots of positive speak, cooking up a storm of comfort food(Jamie's steak and cheese pie was a massive hit, try it if you haven't yet).
Good news was all my tests came back good and apart from the recurring 'lose weight and exercise more' , the Dr's mantra, all good. Just need to sort the teen out.......oh if it were only that easy.


  1. Hi - Its a bit of a "mare" isn't it! I too am cooking up cheesy leeks, lots of chiken and many other of her favourites. The young man is also taking some early GCSE's but seems to take things more in his stride. Bath looks great, hubby and I have promised ourselves a trip there hopefully next year when DD is at Uni, and DS is on his skiing trip - fingers crossed. Your photos are really lovely. xxxx

  2. You did pack a lot into your time away. Bath is such a lovely place. Would like to go to Lacock.
    So glad to hear all is ok with you health wise.
    Hope the rest of the exam period goes as smoothly as these things can.
    Lisa x

  3. It's no wonder they use the area for all these period dramas and other films, it's stunning. Lovely photos, interesting topiary!!

    Hope all is well with you, I've been catching up on your previous posts, hmmmm! x

  4. Bath is so lovely! haven't been there for ages but still have fond memories!
    Hope everything goes well with the exam!

  5. I love Bath and all round that area! Loved your pics! Suzie xx

  6. Had a weekend in Bath last year - got to go to the roof top spa - bliss. I love that area so old & pretty
    My teen finished last AS level yesterday & is now packing her bag for the Isle of Wight festival. When did she become so grown up ?

  7. Bath looks beatiful. We are thinking about a trip to England for summer and these pictures are inspiring. Teens, ohhhhh. xx

  8. Ah, in the middle of the BAC here so doing exactly the same, plenty of fave food and encouragement

  9. been to Bath 32 years ago as a student but can´t remember much. But those pictures you`ve shown us are stunning I will have to go back and visit again.
    reagrds Sylvia