Monday, 3 May 2010

how will she manage down under.........

Saturday night we went to London to stay with good friends. A veritable feast was laid on by L as always and we had a very lovely evening, consuming lots of delicious wine and cheese (always my favourite part-don't tell the doctor) until we wore ourselves out chatting and retired to bed.

My mobile starts its merry tune waking me from my alcoholic slumber......its youngest child, near hysterical . There's been a power cut, street lights and all and she can't see a thing. What should she do? As I am 40 miles away and not in a fit state to drive I cannot rush to her aid, as is my first instinct. Instead I direct her to a candle then on to the matches under the sink..all the time praying that whoever used them last actually put them back. Her panic is rising now, I think it's worse now she has a little bit of light. (not helped I think by the fact she was watching something unpleasant when the lights went.)

I stay on the phone while she gets to her bedroom and gets in bed. I try and calm her, whilst Herb is muttering about how she is 17 etc etc!

She is in bed and I reluctantly say goodnight......I settle down with my phone in my hand just in case.

Next day she is quite traumatised and got a friend to stay on the phone for over an hour providing company in the darkness.

What, I want to know is, how will she manage when she's on the other side of the world ?.......


  1. Oh this is ringing a few familiar bells over here, I wouldn't have been able to sleep a wink, seems like we are both at that same stage !!

  2. It doesn't inspire you with confidencde does it! Perhaps something else will crop up instead (I hope for her poor mothers sake!!!) xxxxx

  3. Jeepers creepers!
    I echo Diane's message.
    Thanks for the comment about the chair.
    Lisa x

  4. I know how you feel! You must worry so much! suzie xxx

  5. Hi, and thanks for becoming my new follower. I just read the post of your 17 year old. My daughter is seventeen and goes to France on her own(2 weeks) to learn French and i have some real concerns too! This could be her reacting like that (and hubby reacting like that too!)xx

  6. ooh food for thought - my seventeen year old thinks she is going to do a transatlantic cossing with hubby & then get a job on a Superyacht ... Yikes watch out world !

  7. Hi, just stumbled across your blog and it could be me! We're at similar stages in life I think, although maybe I'm ahead of you a bit. My daughter graduated from Durham two years ago and stayed up in the North East to work ... so we've mostly come through that one.
    My son is doing A levels right now and has a place at Belfast uni if he gets the grades .... as he's very laid back about revision it's a constant worry. His best friend passed his driving test recently so they're out and about together!!!! My heart
    stops beating at times!
    I know how you feel! Love Kathy xxx

  8. Hi, thanks for your comment tonight ...