Friday, 8 January 2010

To York or not to York......

that is indeed the question..........we are supposed to be taking eldest child back to uni tomorrow, a 350 mile trip! Not a prob at any other time, but I think we are both worried to do it with the forecast of more snow up north. We almost came a cropper when we collected her the Friday before Christmas.

The train is not really an option of course (all those extra clothes and shoes to take back!)....i guess we will give it a go.........will pack the sleeping bags and shovel just in case!


  1. Good luck to you - you're crazy to even think of it, of course!!!!

  2. Good luck and take care!

    We got stuck in snow,we had to dig are way out!

    Have a lovely weekend love Lou xxx

  3. If you do go take care and be well prepared.
    A warmer and safer option would be staying home!
    Keep safe.
    Lisa x

  4. Good Luck and keep safe. Could she not go back on the train with minimum supplies, then you pop up next week the rest? Its great weather - as long as you don't have to go out in it! xxxxx

  5. we're in the same situation - dd due to go back to nottingham tomorrow - exams monday
    good luck with your trip!

  6. Best of luck with the trip to York, my daughters boyfriend did that trip just before Xmas but took the train.
    Happy 2010 too!

  7. Hi Elsy, so nice to meet you too. Wow, that´s a lot of snow in your part of the world and news here in Chile tell about the coldest and snowy winter in many years in Europe. Your blog is so lovely and beautiful
    Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog.
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  8. Thanks for the book reading advice, sounds very like a very sensible way to go about things!
    Hope you are all ok.
    Lisa x