Saturday, 16 January 2010

Crafty and sad.......

......No this is not hopefully what my friends think of me.......its kind of how things are, here in the small town at the moment. I took all your advice, most gratefully received and eldest child got the train back to York last week. We dropped her at the station where it was a direct run , about an hour away and that journey was bad enough so we were wise not to do the whole trip.

Even so, seeing her bundling herself to get on, so wrapped up in her new scarf she could hardly be seen, struggling on the busy train with all her bags, dropping things left right and centre....until she collapsed into her seat aided by two nice young chaps.....oh to be young eh ladies. No one rushes to my aid if I drop something nowadays, I'm sure I'm becoming every so slightly invisible.....anyway I digress. It was sad.

Herb could see I was about to shed a tear so whipped me away so I wasn't making an idiot of myself on an empty platform.

There were moments when she was back that were infuriating,wet towels dropped everywhere, makeup in the bathroom sink.....more plates, cups and glasses upstairs than down....but oh I do miss her now.

Meanwhile youngest has interviews at uni's for her fine art course in a couple of weeks so we will be on the road again......I so hope she is successful.

So thats my sad bit, the crafty bit is that I've been busy. I'm contemplating a try at patchwork. I got this gorgeous book for my birthday and am really inspired to give it a go. So have picked one out and have bought some kaffe fassett fabric on eBay which I will share when it arrives. I am nothing if not ambitious!

I also bought this canvas on came from USA and was beautifully wrapped with a lovely little badge and lace....

The reason being I saw this on another blog and loved it so am inspired to give it a them or hate them I think...I have a draw full of completed tapestries so will put them to good use.....haven't told Herb yet cos I think he reeaaally wont like it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. It will be long term project.

Another couple of bargello needlepoints on the go, love doing these because they are so quick. One is a copy again and the ribbons one is a pattern from an old book. I must think of something to do with them when there're done....any ideas?

There is just not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to have a go at.......maybe I could give up the job ha ha


  1. Glad she got off ok - you made the right decision. You certainly are very ambitious with your crafting plans - you make mine look like the crafty bit on Blue Peter!!!xxxxx

  2. PS - you can't give up your day job 'till they are both done with Uni - unless you are married to Donald Trump, or have just had a lottery win. xxx

  3. I've been itching to try some patchwork too - I'd love to see how you get on with it. Sorry you've been feeling sad, it shows what a good job you've done raising your girls that they are becoming so independent; and they'll always need their mum however old they are xx

  4. Thank you for leaving your message about us losing our lovely Tilly.
    Glad that daughter made the trip back to York ok. Good luck with your patchwork, I'm sure it'll be fab if it's like your other craft projects.
    Lisa x

  5. You definitely made the right decision, the roads were too dangerous back then. Girls always need their Mums, rest assured on that one and in the meantime, you are certainly not moping - love your work!

  6. Hello Elsy,
    Just thought I would drop by your blog, thanks for visiting mine. I have a daughter who is 16 so I can relate to the towels on the floor thing, Oh and the piles of dirty washing and dishes left in her room "Never mind hey Mum will sort it"
    Have a lovely weekend Emma x

  7. Hello Elsy
    Hope you are having a nice weekend

    I am as they say totally hooked on crochet, to the point of a sore finger!!