Saturday, 23 January 2010

He's back...........

Mad men...the best thing that's been on TV in years(no no youngest cries 'desperate housewives').....anyhow if you haven't seen it give it a go. Its set in the 50's/60's in a New York ad agency and the attention to detail is amazing. Best of all it stars Jon Hamm who is gorgeous as Don Draper. No going out for me on Thursdays for some time.

We're back on the road this week as youngest has two interviews at Norwich and Lancaster to try and get on the fine art degree course. Being on consecutive days means a whole heap of driving to do. We ummed and ahhed whether to stay at Lancaster cos its an 8 hour round trip........but we have decided to come home. We all love our own beds and damn it this whole process is costing a fortune. Dont tell youngest I brought that up! Anyway at least no snow to contend with..(she said banging wood as hard as possible)

I have finished the bargello which I am really pleased with......I even had the nerve to start my own flickr bargello group, so if anyone has any squirreled away please add it. This is not a very popular type of embroidery but I think its rather beautiful and very quick to do. the colours are actually more vibrant, I just have a rubbish camera.

Yesterday in Cambridge I bought some gorgeous wool in John Lewis with christmas money I still had(where else can you buy wool these day).....its Rowan aran and I want it to make this. I thought if I start now and have it on the go, I can bring it out next winter when it will be well appreciated for snuggling on the sofa.

This lovely fabric arrived from America for the quilt I intend to make at some point from that delightful book I showed you last time..........this is so unlike anything we have in our house.....which has a lot of white with the odd strong colour splash...thats maybe why I love it so. Anyhow have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to x


  1. I think we have settled on Salford - we were all blown away by the course and its ideally placed for work experience for the course. It does cost a fortune - even before they get there!!! Very ambitious projects by the way!!!

  2. Love the crochet! I saw a trailer and was reading an article about the series on th Radoi Times, I am looking forward to watching it, although I think I have missed the first sreies though. suzie. xxx

  3. I've never seen Mad Men though I know it's been very popular.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new crochet project!
    Good luck with the travelling this week.
    Lisa x

  4. The bargello is a work of art and I love the vibrant colours of the fabrics you've got. Very uplifting stuff!

  5. wow - you're bargello is stunning! I have a little award for you over at my blog too :o)

  6. Hi Elsy, I definately think I'll be giving creme fraiche a try . I've just been looking over a few of your posts aand wow, you are a very talented lady ...

  7. gorgeous fabric choices, I have a different kaffe fasset book and love it. must look out for that one. love the crochet too - where is the pattern from, it's amazing. thanks for visiting my blog, hope you have a nice weekend with your visitors, ours have just cancelled....

  8. Just found your blog and love it. My daughters have all fled the nest and we love it. Lovely knitting shop Jolie's Walkern Nr Buntingford. A must visit.

  9. I'd love to crochet that Blue and White star blanket! Is the pattern from the magazine or can I get it somewhere else?
    And about Mad Men: I bought the series on dvd because I would have to wait ages until they show it here in Germany. And the set has been lingering somewhere in a corner for about 3 months now. I think I should really start watching it AND crochet whilst watching...