Sunday, 27 September 2009

Where has the week gone?

Where has the week gone that's what I'd like to know. Seems to me that after the landmark birthday last year the days are not just running or flying by, oh no, we are talking speed of light here. And yet more birthdays loom for us both, here in the small town.
Herb has his biggie coming up and try as I might I cannot raise a spot of interest in celebrating it. I've tried tempting him with the thought of a free bus pass and free swimming but he wont have it. I should have married a younger man not an older one me thinks if I wanted enthusiasm!
I tell you what finally raised a smile, someone told him that we look about the same age despite the almost decade between should I feel about that?
On Friday we had a lovely trip out with both girls to Grantchester for lunch... Here are the meadows made famous by Rupert Brooke, with a lovely little museum and more importantly, tea rooms that serve wonderful lunches in a beautiful setting. We had ours in the orchard sat on those deck chairs(not actually the easiest place to have soup) but oozing charm. The sun was shining, the apples dropping..........wonderful. The girls loved it and after food we ambled along the river which you can follow all the way to Cambridge. If you are in the area, do go. The museum is very small but crammed with letters and pictures of Brooke and of course all his poetry. What a gorgeous looking chap.....and such a tragic death.

Sunday Herb and I went for little drive and ended up in Finchingfield, one of Essex's prettiest villages. Obviously a meeting point for silver haired bikers on a Sunday, but with oodles of English charm. It even has a windmill.

On the crafting front, the university blanket is finished, bar a few more ends to sew in. It will be winging its way to York in 10 days time with eldest child to its new home....and god help it. I know it's probably destined for that spot in the corner or under the bed or at the bottom of the wardrobe. but you never know, when she has a moment that she misses us she might drag it out and think of home.

I saw a picture of this needlepoint in a magazine and thought it was beautiful, so have blatently copied it. Hardly creative I know, but it's been fun to sew. Do other blog friends copy stuff like that? Do let me know.

Another uni visit this weekend, Newcastle if you please and apparently there is a home game, so traffic and parking should be horrendous. The things we do.....................


  1. What is it about September? I have read lots of posts about everyone being so busy at the mo. Me included, just don't know where the time goes!
    Your day in Grantchester looked idyllic, what a beautiful walk along the river that must be.
    Good luck with the trek to Newcastle this weekend.
    And the blanket looks fab.
    Lisa x

  2. That village looks lovely! I really love that blanket too! Suzie. xx

  3. Yes, time seems to have sped by recently and so much darker now. You're so good to be able to let that gorgeous blanket go! I'm sure it will be appreciated - even if she doesn't let on ;)

  4. What a beautiful blanket. Thanks for your comment. I've got one at Uni and one to go next year.

  5. We really do have parralel lives - we are doing Middlesborough in a few weeks!!! Mike and Bernie Winters!! The poor mans Morecombe and Wise!! Your not going to believe this, but they had "Snorbitz" (which I believe was Mikes dog) "appearing" on one of the shows in Blackpool!! The dog must be at least 40 years old in human years !!Grantchester looks more like my sort of place - i'll pop it on the list. How is she going on at uni?

  6. Beautiful blanket! My son took his "Art School Blanket" with him last year, when he started to study in Ghent. It stil looks good, after one year of lying around everywhere I guess.

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