Sunday, 20 September 2009

another week another university

So its another week and therefore another university open day. Last week Leeds, not our part of the country but an acceptable few hours driving.....this week Lancaster! How much does this child want to get away from us! A very unacceptable 4 hours in the car each way. But did we complain....not much! but not within hearing of youngest child.

This one she liked. For those who have never visited this university(and why would you have) it is very near the wonderful lake district but in terms of its architecture

it is anything but wonderful. More of a dogs breakfast, a seventies new town look. BUT she liked it. The guy doing the talk for fine art was very interesting and the course seemed far more suited to her. Unlike Leeds which only really seemed interested in extremely modern conceptual art,

Lancaster lets the student follow the art direction that they prefer and fine tune it. Just what she wants.

Youngest was not allowing me to take many photos but i managed a few and it is in a glorious part of the world.

Despite the mishmash of architectural styles some of the accommodation was really tip top , very Scandinavian in design and well thought out. She liked that a lot and it wasn't even the most expensive....a mere £84 per week! A really worthwhile day for youngest...we shall see. Norwich next.

Friday I had a really fun day. Went to a friend who is a wonderful quilter(is that what they call themselves) and she gave another friend and me a tutorial on patchwork and more importantly for me, the correct way to use a sewing machine.I loved it and look what I produced.

Actually I know this is fairly unimpressive but who knows where it may lead on the crafting front. I really enjoyed all the quilting paraphernalia, the measuring and cutting and Jo said I made a pretty good job of my joins. So am all inspired now.

Have a great week folks


  1. You're certainly getting to see all different parts of the country!
    I like the floral print, what are you going to make it in to?

  2. I am not too far from Lancaster, and my niece went there. It seemed like a good university, quite friendly and cosy!
    I like your beginnings of the patchwork. Please let us see what it ends up as! Suzie. x

  3. We are going to UCLAN which I believe is Central Lancashire (Preston) on Sunday for a look around. We are living parralel lives!! I used to do loads of patchwork - I should get back into it.

  4. Love the university blanket! So you and I seem to be in the same boat. So many uni's so little time!

    Glad you like the Cascade 220. I think it is a wonderful wool and quite cosy as well.


  5. Hi, our son has just started college! We have got all that too come yet!

    I love the look of the patchwork! :0)

    Love Lou xxx

  6. I'm a few years away from Uni with my son, if he goes that is. Blooming minded (putting it nicely) - so good luck and hopefully she won't move too far away.

    Love the patchwork and 'who know??'

    take care,

    Nina c

  7. This is something I never understood: how can a student make concept art, when he (or she) still has to learn all the basic skills? My son studies in Ghent now (St Lucas art school), they teach their students how to draw and paint, and they can make their own interpretation with that knowledge.
    In my point of view, that's the only way to teach art. Your daughter is right not to choose Leeds.
    Good luck with your search!