Sunday, 13 September 2009

No I haven't been away........

nor have I been any busier than usual with work, but the reason I haven't written is that i didn't know what to say. Life here in the small town has taken on a strange atmosphere, preparations for university have stepped up a pace. There has been a trip to Primark for towels and bedding, I am buying all the deals on toiletries I see....all with more than a little disbelief and dread. Herb is keeping his feelings very close to his chest but I am becoming agitated and there is a certain tension in the house. This was compounded this week with a visit to the university open day in Leeds for youngest child. We did the 3 hours drive up north to see what Leeds has to offer for a 17 year old wanting to study fine art. We loved it but to be honest I think she was a little overawed by the campus and the course and it probably isn't for her. (Her with the purple bag)but again on the drive back, I pondered on the fact that this time next year the nest will indeed be empty.....and that doesn't make me happy. There was an article in the Observer last week whose tone was that this was an ideal opportunity for a couple to refind each other, to pursue new interests etc. Of coursed I pounced on this but it didn't make me feel any better. We have a lovely life which I appreciate very much , we enjoy each others company, have lovely friends, a nice home, a good work life balance , it will just seem a paler shade without the girls. that's all.

Enough.....its going to happen onward and upward.......I have plans to fill the space.

I'm going to turn the spare bedroom(it's so bad now i can't even bear to show you a picture) into a bit of a craft room.

I will go to the handmade craft fair in Cambridge in December and the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace in October for inspiration.

I am thinking of starting a stitching group in the small town.

I have Herbs landmark birthday to sort.....and of course youngest will still be here for another year. No need to wish that away.

Speaking of crafting.....a little bit of crewel..I have run out of wool for the university blanket, so took the time to finish the black and green one. I absolutely love it. I know its a bit contrived colour wise but that's me I'm afraid. Only a few hundred ends to sew in!


  1. Oh, how I feel for you. It feels so strange at first when they go. It does get better of course! Live moves on. Love the crewel! Suzie. xxx

  2. Loving both blankets and totally understanding where you are coming from. My eldest goes to Uni next year and the young man is only 14, but we have always done everything together and its starting to feel very strange. I'm not too far from Leeds if she decides to go. Aunty Di can be available for emergencies!!

  3. Goodness me, lots of changes to come. Blogging is good for times like that I think, helps get those thoughts out of your head and into real words which can then be explored. Well that's just my opinion!
    Good luck to your daughter in finding the right place and course for her.
    Love both your blankets.
    Lisa. x

  4. Both blankets are beautiful! I love your choice and arrangement of colours on both. Isn't "contrived" a horrible word? I think the repetition and placement of colours on the green makes it peaceful and calming. Just the effect I would want from it :)

  5. I really love those blankets - and I think the colours work really well in both! I have one just off to university, and the other in the last year at school, doing the visiting/decision-making bit, so I do empathize with you. I am glad that I sew and knit - maybe I will get more finished now! Great to discover your blog.

    Pomona x