Wednesday, 12 August 2009

results day and a new blanket

a-level results day is looming and we in this little house in the small town are getting a wee bit anxious........not speaking about the day to come but its in all our thoughts. One week tomorrow will decide eldest child's immediate future, university or maybe not. Of course we think she will get the results she needs and following a speedy and expensive trip to ikea will disappear off up north to start her new adventure(and study of course). I have everything crossed but am confident she will get it. She has worked so hard.

Youngest child will later that same day also get her AS results before she flies off to a faraway Greek island to have her first holiday with chums(don't tell me its too soon, i am being the liberal mum on the outside, inside is a different story).

Anyhow hit john Lewis this week for a new project and had all that gorgeous yarn to choose from. Herb was hovering so there wasn't much time but this is what i came away with. I intend it as a little piece of home for eldest child to take to university. all positive thoughts welcome!


  1. How sweet to make a blanket for your eldest to take with her when leaving home. Good to see there are projects ahead in the future for me as well...

  2. What a wonderful snuggly homey comfort that blanket will be.
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Lisa x