Thursday, 20 August 2009

A level results day.........

Well the sun finally rose on today........literally I was there to see it, i just couldn't sleep properly. I finally heard eldest child get a phone call at 7.15, then a very quiet 10 minutes (she was checking on the UCAS site)before the door was flung open and she shouted at her dad who was of course fast asleep(how can men do that?).........''I'm going to uni''........fantastic fantastic news. We are so very proud of her, she has worked very hard. AAB is not easily achievable although we think she was a little disappointed she didn't get 3 A's. But hey she's off to York to study how the brain brilliant is that.

Youngest child got her AS results, A B she is very happy too. In fact both are so thrilled, we have hardly seen them because they have gone to town to celebrate on the common with all their pals. The house has been filled with noisy excitable young people and why not. All quiet now though.

Youngest is off to Greece tonight so we are doing a midnight round trip to Gatwick. oh joy. I am more than a little worried about her going away and have prepared a little lecture, you know the kind of things, stick together, don't drink too much, don't burn in the sun, eat properly, stay away from boys etc etc. You can imagine the response I will get

I am now under pressure to crack on with the new blanket for eldest to take to uni. I think it looks really good so far.

Just need to pop to John Lewis to get some more supplies of yarn. Meanwhile have started a little crewel project as I can't bear to have nothing on the go. There is never enough time for all my ideas! Great day.......


  1. Many congratulations to both your daughters on their brilliant results! Hope the holiday week goes well, for you at home and her in Greece!
    The blanket is looking great.
    Lisa x

  2. Hi, Just found you via Lisa. I think we have a great deal in common! I love your blog. pop over and visit me. xxx