Saturday, 1 August 2009

Bands of the 80'S the back of town is a stately home that is tonight having a concert with bands of the 80's. wish I'd got a ticket cos its all my old favourites. ABC singing 'all of my heart'...........Go West, king of wishful thinking, Heaven 17, Belinda Carlyle and Human League............remember that video? Am stood in the rain listening to Martin Fry and being whisked back 25 years.............where has the time gone?

Off to Norfolk for a few days tomorrow.............taking the linen and wool so might get a few bits done.

Have been trying to finish off some stuff today as the weather has been so poor, I was forced to stay in. Not really a hardship as I like nothing better than to settle down with the radio and some stitching. Have run out of wool for the crochet blanket so it must go back in the bag until I can get to John Lewis.I will also need to go to ikea for some frames for the stack of crewel embroidery i have.

Had a little practice of the Japanese stitching from the new will look better in cotton don't you agree.

Have to go Phil Oakley starting up.......... dont you want me baby!!!


  1. All those songs take me back to dancing at the Top Rank and I have got ABC greatest hits on my MP3 player!
    Lisa x

  2. Human League is one of my all-time favorite bands!