Saturday, 18 July 2009

a rather nice day with an early start and some finishing....

rather a nice day here in the small town.......terrific storm last night, more like the autumn than summer, woke about four am to see the trees outside really moving in the strong wind, with the rain lashing at the windows. i rather like it. went downstairs for a mint tea and started to potter......had about 6 hours to myself just doing that. love it. so I managed to finish the crochet flowers cushion, which I'm very pleased with. A big thanks to for the pattern.

Then I started another little crewel embroidery just playing with colours. i rather like these blues but not sure what else to put with it. Tended the beautiful orchids.

these are such good value in terms of how long the flowers last and are so so beautiful. (Very cheap in our local market at the minute!)

This afternoon was my idea of bliss. Eldest child, having come back from Ibiza yesterday came in from work and went straight round to see the boyfriend, just as youngest child went to work at our local up market food store. (those with the snappy green uniform.) Herb played golf, so i did minimum domestic chores and settled down with the hoop and a Bette Davis on the TV. i am a huge fan of black and white movies but my favourite is Miss Davis.All that angst and melodrama and dresses to die for.

Finished with a nice dinner with wine. Having friends over tomorrow for lunch, should be a lovely relaxing day with old friends good food, the papers and some nice wine. A perfect weekend me thinks.

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