Sunday, 12 July 2009

lazy sunday.......some crochet and crewel embroidery

well the end of a perfect day............have literally done nothing domestic except cook the chicken dinner and put the washing on the line. the rest of the day I have devoted to the radio,


checking favourite blogs, flickering, embroidery,

the papers

and the daughter ( in small measure....only really delivering food and drinks on a regular basis!). in other words, me. which I have to say is happening more and more as the children don't need me as much, husband is fully occupied with whatever the current sport is on TV ( the ashes as you probably know). eldest child is in Ibiza on her first all girl holiday. I have had some texts so i know she is alive. have to shut my mind to all things negative and trust she will come back in one piece brimming with wonderful experiences. which I'm sure will be the case. happy days


  1. Lovely, really lovely! Maybe I will start a granny blanket myself (I need a project to take with me to the beach...).

  2. Thanks for popping by and leaving me a message.
    I love your crochet blanket, I wish I could crochet, must be more patient with learning!
    Lisa x

  3. What a fanastic cushion. I love it and the colours - just great.