Tuesday, 7 July 2009

...and back again

Am back……..it was a lovely relaxing easy holiday for me and the girls. Herb on the other hand had a dreadful time. He'd hurt his back before we left and (its an ongoing problem) and it just got worse and worse. On the day we were flying we should have had a lovely easy start but a) his back was the worst it had been and b) the m25 was shut just where we needed it not to be. So it was all panic, levered him into the car and bombed down the motorway. Luckily the motorway had reopened so we got to Gatwick as the check out opened. Result. I am I admit someone who likes to get to these places dead early, just in case. The kids hate it.

The flight was very painful for Herb and we tried to be sympathetic as we munched on sweets and listened to ipods. I had downloaded audio books which I would heartily recommend for a long journey. So Alan Bennett's Talking Heads got me through. But poor Herb suffered. Top that off with a 45 min drive from Pafos airport up in the hills in the dark and we were more than ready for the wine waiting for us. The new day brought lovely views down to the sea and the bluest sky you have ever seen. And that’s the way its stayed for 11 days, getting hotter and hotter. I went out with the girls every day. To the beach, the famous pafos mosaics, which were wonderful. Ice cream sundaes by the harbour. And all the time with those wonderful views. If you’ve been to Cyprus you will know how very British it is and the development is every where, with very little of old Cyprus left especially where we were. But hey, it was a wonderful relaxing time. I did lots of my crocheted flowers and some crewel tapestry which I am really in to. We ate nice food and drunk some very good Cypriot wine from local vineyards. We managed to prise Herb into the car on a couple of occasions but he only really began to enjoy himself a couple of days before we left. Never mind we shall return and do more exploring another time.

Hows this for a small world. On the last day we left the girls and got in the car to escape the heat.( I know it was hot here but 40 plus is too much for me) and headed up the hills to get the breeze. We stopped in a little restaurant I had my eye on in the middle of nowhere because the terrace had the most amazing views and were soon joined by an English couple who clearly wanted a chat. And you can guess, they have just moved to cyprus permanently from our small town. I love it when thing like that happen don’t you

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